last changeMon, 12 Jul 2010 17:49:00 +0000 (19:49 +0200)
2010-07-12 Dennis NienhüserMerge remote branch 'remotes/origin/'
2010-07-11 Davide BettioFixed ui layout and labels align.
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstMarking Marble's northPoleY() as deprecated and added...
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstAdded define to mark deprecated functions.
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstFixed Marble's wrong spinning direction.
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstUpdated some comments of MarbleMap and MarbleWidget
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstUse camel casing in MarbleWidgetInputHandler and write...
2010-07-11 Bastian HolstFixed jump in the rotation of the marble globe when...
2010-07-10 Dennis NienhüserWhen fails to calculate a route...
2010-07-10 Bernhard Beschowremove some casts in photo plugin
2010-07-10 Bernhard Beschowimplement WMS support reusing data from the dgml file
2010-07-10 Bernhard Beschowmove tileSize() to GeoSceneTexture
2010-07-09 Bastian HolstBreak long lines.
2010-07-09 Bernhard Beschowdon't load invalid images into texture tiles
2010-07-09 Bastian HolstDisabled the painting of points if the placemark does...
2010-07-09 Bastian HolstAdding an include just for readability.
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