WIP: Merge common code in LayoutUpdater whem making WordCandidate active/inactive
[maliit:maliit-plugins.git] / maliit-keyboard / lib / logic / layoutupdater.cpp
2012-03-31 Michael HasselmannWIP: Merge common code in LayoutUpdater whem making...
2012-03-31 Michael HasselmannMove word prediction and error correction into dedicate...
2012-03-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Experimental word prediction
2012-03-31 Michael HasselmannNew: Add hit test for WordCandidate and let Renderer...
2012-03-30 Michael HasselmannCompose Key, KeyArea from Area, Label and change Layout...
2012-02-21 Michael HasselmannAdd alignment property to Layout
2012-02-21 Michael HasselmannRemove the ability to reset the internal KeyboardLoader...
2012-02-09 Michael HasselmannMove Keyboard-to-KeyArea conversion into dedicated...
2012-02-09 Michael HasselmannInternalize LayoutUpdater::activeStyle
2012-01-27 Luis AraujoMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/27' of git://gitoriou...
2012-01-26 Michael HasselmannNew: Give extended keys dedicated styling
2012-01-26 Michael HasselmannNew: Make background borders for pixmaps stylable
2012-01-26 Michael HasselmannNew: Make key area background stylable
2012-01-21 Michael HasselmannNew: Read vertical offset and safety margin for extende...
2012-01-20 Michael HasselmannFixes: MALIIT#39 - Maliit Keyboard doesn't allow input...
2012-01-19 Michael HasselmannMake maliit-keyboard-viewer more useful
2012-01-16 Krzesimir NowakRemoved unused functions and enum. 34
2012-01-16 Krzesimir NowakReload keyboard when shift state changes.
2012-01-16 Krzesimir NowakConsider shift state for keyboard and dead keyboard.
2012-01-16 Krzesimir NowakUse variables instead of raw strings.
2012-01-11 Michael HasselmannClear active keys and magnifier on keyboard change
2011-12-23 Michael HasselmannRemove QtGui dependency from libmaliit-keyboard
2011-12-23 Michael HasselmannGet rid of Qt keywords
2011-12-22 Michael HasselmannFixes: MALIIT#66 - Key Magnifier only works on right...
2011-12-18 Michael HasselmannClear active keys and magnifier on keyboard change
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannRemove unused prev_row variable from LayoutUpdater
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannMove QDesktopWidget usage out of LayoutUpdater
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Implement language change gesture
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: keyEntered, keyExited signals
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannUse MeeGo Keyboard CSS values for key geometries
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannClear active keys explicitly
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Load icons for special keys
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannFix text alignment in keys
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Load background graphics
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Handle dead keys
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannFix remaining Key::ActionCommit bugs
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannUse Style's key-value store for layouting
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Style class uses key-value store to mimic MeeGo...
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannCheck whether QGLWidget is valid before using it
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Orienation change support
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannFactor out state machines in LayoutUpdater
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannMake KeyboardLoader an internal component of LayoutUpdater
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Symbol view
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannPosition VKB to anchor point and provide means to overr...
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannRenamed activeIdChanged signal to keyboardsChanged
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannMake KeyArea a simple struct again
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: spacer supoort
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannAdd key margins to create reactive area
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Functional keyboard layout
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannQuery current keyboard from KeyboardLoader
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Editor that can send commit strings
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannReverse parameter order for keyPressed signals
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Key magnifier
2011-12-13 Michael HasselmannMove Maliit reference plugin into maliit-keyboard directory