2011-09-22 Jon NordbyFixes: Server sometimes crashes in dbus connection
2011-09-21 Jon NordbyChanges: Bump to version 0.80.6 0.80.6
2011-09-21 Jon NordbyChanges: Update NEWS
2011-09-21 Jan Arne PetersenDo not forward update() without focused item
2011-09-20 Jon NordbyChanges: Install inputcontext as in non...
2011-09-13 Pekka VuorelaChanges: commit preedit using cursor position on reset()
2011-09-13 Pekka VuorelaChanges: separate widget cursor position to new method
2011-09-13 Jon NordbyChanges: Skip unreliable test Ut_MInputContext::testImI...
2011-09-13 Jon NordbyFixes: Build in debug mode
2011-09-09 Jan Arne PetersenDo not call wrong remoteWindowPixmap method
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenMake it possible to compile without X
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenMove X code from MIMApplication to MImXApplication
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenAdd applicationWindowGone signal to MIMApplication
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenRemove mApp shortcut from MIMApplication
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenExplicitly target X11 application/libs
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyFixes: Glib DBus connection not created, no communicati...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Used shared_ptr instead of parent ownership...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Move common test code into utils
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Move some common testing code to utils
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Remove unused stubs.
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Use base IC connection class, not glib-dbus...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Move activation/deactivation into IC connectio...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Move most non-dbusglib specific code into...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Use uint instead of MDBusGlibICConnection...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Inject Server->IC connection on MImPluginManag...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Server->IC DBus connection, members of anon...
2011-09-01 Jarno MalmariChanges: Send input language for applications on every...
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenReplace enable-meegotouch with enable-legacy
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenRemove deprecated libmeegootouch support
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenRemove LMT Preedit styling
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenRemove unused LMT stuff
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd no_keywords config
2011-08-29 Jon NordbyFix failing Ut_MInputContext::testImInitiatedHideUnfocu...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyNew: More tests in ut_minputcontext
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: Better name for test connection in ut_minputco...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: Improve ut_minputcontext, use interface connec...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: Pass server connection to MInputContext on...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: Use signals to MImServerConnection for inbound...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: IC->Server DBus connection, members of anon...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyNew: Interface class for IC->Server communication
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyFixes: Install gconf schemas on make install
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyFixes: Failure to generate dbus glue files in out-of...
2011-08-26 Jon NordbyChanges: Document build options
2011-08-24 Jon NordbySupport for only building libmaliit (CONFIG+=only-libma... 47
2011-08-24 Carlos MartínNew: Hardware keyboard handling for Qt Quick plugins
2011-08-24 Carlos MartínNew: Track hardware keyboard status on Fremantle (N900)
2011-08-24 Antti PulakkaFixes: NB#277853 - Meego-im-uiserver crash on invalid...
2011-08-23 Jarno MalmariNew: Input method language available from Maliit interface
2011-08-23 Jarno MalmariNew: Allow plugin to set input language to input context.
2011-08-23 Jarno MalmariChanges: Add to dbus interface descriptions to OTHER_FILES
2011-08-22 Michael HasselmannChanges: Bump version to 0.80.5 0.80.5
2011-08-21 Viacheslav... Changes: remove background mask from framework 39
2011-08-21 Viacheslav... Changes: get correct subview title if more than two...
2011-08-21 Viacheslav... Changes: correctly switch subview when plugin is switched
2011-08-19 Jon NordbyChanges: Update .gitignore files in tests
2011-08-19 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#277834 - libmaliit seg. fault in libmeegotouc...
2011-08-19 Michael HasselmannRevert "Fix MAttributeExtensionManager UT"
2011-08-18 Jon NordbyRevert "Fixes: Out-of-sync issue when toolbar id was...
2011-08-11 Viacheslav... Changes: update unit tests
2011-08-11 Viacheslav... New: API to get description of previous and next subviews
2011-08-11 Viacheslav... Changes: hide black rectangle when plugin is switched
2011-08-11 manwariChanges: Draw black rectangle when SwitchPreparation...
2011-08-11 manwariChanges: Expose the region
2011-08-11 manwariChanges: new plugin switching directions.
2011-08-04 Jon NordbyChanges: Install mattributeextensionid.h
2011-08-04 Andy RossAdd new preedit styles: unconvertible and active
2011-08-04 Andy RossCache "x" argument to mouseHandler() as "preeditClickPo...
2011-08-03 Pekka VuorelaRemoved erroneous Q_ASSERT.
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannUpdated NEWS
2011-08-01 Michael HasselmannPIMPlify MImAbstractPluginFactory
2011-08-01 Renato FilhoExport MImAbstractPluginFactory header
2011-08-01 Renato FilhoFixes: BMC#19298 - [FEA] Provide PySide bindings for...
2011-07-23 Jan Arne PetersenAdd ut_maliit_inputmethod unit test
2011-07-23 Jan Arne PetersenAdd EventSpyInputContext to test utils
2011-07-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd support for compiling external libmaliit
2011-07-21 Jan Arne PetersenClean gcov files from right subdir
2011-07-21 Jan Arne PetersenFix ut_mimrotationanimation compilation with gcov
2011-07-21 Jan Arne PetersenAdd gcov support to maliit
2011-07-20 Michael HasselmannChanges: Bump version to 0.80.4 0.80.4
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenUse libmaliit for input context in legacy mode
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenRemove not required meegotouch stuff
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenRemove MPreeditInjectionEvent typedef
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenFix skiped ut_mimrotationanimation unit test
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenMove RemoteWindow to test utils
2011-07-20 Jon NordbyFix failing unittests for examples and pluginmanager.
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenAdd unit test for AttributeExtensionRegistry
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenAdd unit test for AttributeExtension
2011-07-20 Michael HasselmannFix MAttributeExtensionManager UT
2011-07-20 Michael HasselmannNew: Cycle keys example, demoing preedit and commit...
2011-07-20 Michael HasselmannNew: Minimal Maliit plugin switcher script
2011-07-20 Jan Arne PetersenAdd early check for required pkg-config files
2011-07-19 Jon NordbyFixes: Example tests failing when installed
2011-07-19 Jon NordbyChanges: Move generally useful testing code to utils...
2011-07-19 Michael HasselmannRemove the MImHwKeyboard singleton
2011-07-19 Jon NordbyFix install of .pc, .prf and .schema files in out-out...
2011-07-19 Michael HasselmannFixes: Out-of-sync issue when toolbar id was not update...
2011-07-15 Rakesh CherianFixes: Stop Xsession for clipboard for ut_minputcontext
2011-07-15 Jon NordbyUse the old plugin interface names in all cases.
2011-07-14 Jon NordbyFix make check for non-legacy mode
2011-07-13 Michael HasselmannChanges: Bump version to 0.80.3 0.80.3