2010-07-01 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.7-1 0.19.7-1
2010-06-29 Michael HasselmannChanges: Use correct parent X window id
2010-06-29 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#177259
2010-06-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: use number mode keyboard for Qt::ImhDigitsOnly
2010-06-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: replace deprecated qmake variable
2010-06-29 chningChanges: update settings applet
2010-06-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.6-1 0.19.6-1
2010-06-23 chningFixes: add build dependency on libduicontrolpanel-dev
2010-06-23 chningFixes: meego-im-settings-applet should depend on libdui...
2010-06-23 chningChanges: add meegotouch text input settings applet
2010-06-23 chningChanges: Add translations for settings
2010-06-23 chningChanges: new class MIMSettingsDialog
2010-06-23 chningChanges: cosmetic changes and omit c style cast.
2010-06-23 chningChanges: update ut_mimpluginmanager and ft_mimpluginman...
2010-06-23 chningChanges: Use Q_PRIVATE_SLOT() in mimpluginmanager.h
2010-06-23 chningChanges: implement inputmethod settings.
2010-06-23 chningChanges: load and sync handler map
2010-06-23 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.5-1 0.19.5-1
2010-06-22 Michael HasselmannFixes: Show symbol view after orientation
2010-06-21 chningChanges: support icon_id for custom toolbar
2010-06-18 Viacheslav... Fixes: unit test uses proper Qt style
2010-06-17 Mohammad AnwariNew: API file
2010-06-17 Hannu KoivistoChanges: update .gitignore
2010-06-17 Hannu KoivistoNew: interface to toggle detectable autorepeat of X
2010-06-16 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.4-1 0.19.4-1
2010-06-15 Mohammad AnwariFixes: -doc installation in debian package
2010-06-15 Viacheslav... Fixes: path to XML files in unit tests
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: version number of toolbar specification
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: unit test for MToolbarManager
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: added toolbar manager
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: unit test for MToolbarItem
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: added unit test for MToolbarData
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... New: added classes for parsing toolbar XML
2010-06-10 Viacheslav... Changes: structure of XML file which defines toolbar
2010-06-09 Pekka VuorelaChanges: bump version number
2010-06-09 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.3-1 0.19.3-1
2010-06-08 Jarno MalmariChanges: Coverity fixes
2010-06-08 Michael HasselmannChanges: Updated debian changelog
2010-06-08 Michael HasselmannNew: Make VKB transient towards application window
2010-06-08 Michael HasselmannChanges: Clean up class comment
2010-06-08 Michael HasselmannChanges: More detailed comment for a WA attribute
2010-05-25 Viacheslav... New: Multi-touch is managed by GConf item
2010-05-25 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.2-1 0.19.2-1
2010-05-20 chningFixes: Can not hide input method indicator in home...
2010-05-17 Pekka VuorelaChanges: qCritical instead of qFatal when input context...
2010-05-12 Viacheslav... Fixes: use QInputContext::sendEvent to send QInputMetho...
2010-05-10 Pekka VuorelaChanges: bumb version number
2010-05-10 Hannu KoivistoChanges: pass focus state/change information with widge...
2010-05-07 Pekka VuorelaChanges: reset input method region on lost IM server...
2010-05-06 Pekka VuorelaChanges: fixed doc package generation
2010-05-05 chningChanges: remove unnecessary WMHint _DUI_STATUSBAR_OVERLAY.
2010-04-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.1-2 0.19.1-2
2010-04-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed unnecessary qt network option from...
2010-04-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed unnecessary opengl reference
2010-04-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: made all .so files go to lib package
2010-04-28 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.1-1 0.19.1-1
2010-04-27 chningChanges: update toolbarxml.doc, replace DUI -> MEEGO
2010-04-27 chningChanges: support sending inputMode indicator to applica...
2010-04-26 Hannu KoivistoChanges: adapt to renamed meegoreactionmap library
2010-04-26 Hannu KoivistoChanges: dui* -> meego* in src/.gitignore
2010-04-26 chningFixes: Initialization for old toolbar id.
2010-04-26 chningFixes: Add validation checking for toolbar identifier.
2010-04-26 chningChanges: input method toolbar supports update.
2010-04-23 Hannu KoivistoChanges: add native modifiers to processKeyEvent
2010-04-23 Pekka VuorelaChanges: bump version number
2010-04-22 Viacheslav... New: new signal for plugin switching
2010-04-22 Viacheslav... New: plugin manager switches plugins by name
2010-04-22 Viacheslav... Fixes: updated unit tests for MIMPluginManager
2010-04-22 Viacheslav... New: switch plugins when it is requested by active...
2010-04-20 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.0-5 0.19.0-5
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.0-4 0.19.0-4
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: moved dui-im-uiserver symlink creation to...
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.0-3 0.19.0-3
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: -f flag to dui-im-uiserver symlink creation...
2010-04-16 Pekka VuorelaChanges: fixed debian unit test install file name ... 0.19.0-2
2010-04-16 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.19.0-1 0.19.0-1
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: remove unnecessary(?) and typoed conflict:
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: add a bit more ignoring to debian files
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: made meego-im-uiserver replace dui-im-uiserver...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: quick hack to link dui-im-uiserver as meego...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed m-im-uiserver to meego-im-uiserver...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: use /usr/lib/meego-im-plugins/ as plugin dir...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: further m -> meego renaming
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: fix some m-imframework references in comments
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: m -> meego in pc and prf files
2010-04-15 manwariFixes: make doc now should work
2010-04-15 Mohammad AnwariChanges: Dui to MeeGo in documentation
2010-04-15 Mohammad AnwariNew: Architecture and Extensions documentation
2010-04-15 Mohammad AnwariFixes: Button->Label
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: update to use renamed library + fixes.
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: rename library to use meego prefix instead...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: use meego prefix with packaging rather than...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: use meego prefix with library rather than...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: updated debian packaging for meegotouch renaming
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: replace more dui references with meegotouch
2010-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: fixed a signal/slot name error
2010-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: gconf names from /M/ or /Dui/ prefix to /meego...
2010-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed interfaces to use M prefix
2010-04-13 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed files with M prefix
2010-04-09 Pekka VuorelaChanges: version 0.18.8-1 0.18.8-1