New: MImSubViewOverride to track MAttributeExtension for enable-all-subviews override
[maliit:fw.git] / passthroughserver /
2011-11-03 Jon NordbyNew: Add -unconditional-show option to server
2011-11-02 Jon NordbyNew: Merge meegotouch-inputmethodbridges into master
2011-10-21 Jon NordbyChanges: Move common code/headers to new directory...
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenCleanup main and add more comments
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd simple support for QT Lighthouse
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenRemove unused methods from MIMApplication
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenMove remoteWindowGone() signal to MImXApplication
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd pluginLoaded() signal to MIMPluginManager
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd focusChanged() signal to MInputConnection
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd proxy widget as instance to MImPluginManager
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenRemove MImXApplication::instance()
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenMake it possible to compile without X
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenMove X code from MIMApplication to MImXApplication
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenRemove mApp shortcut from MIMApplication
2011-09-08 Jan Arne PetersenExplicitly target X11 application/libs
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyFixes: Glib DBus connection not created, no communicati...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Used shared_ptr instead of parent ownership...
2011-09-05 Jon NordbyChanges: Inject Server->IC connection on MImPluginManag...
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd no_keywords config
2011-08-11 Viacheslav SobolevChanges: hide black rectangle when plugin is switched
2011-08-11 manwariChanges: Expose the region
2011-07-04 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#268826
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenInclude topsrcdir into the includepath
2011-06-20 Jon NordbyChanges: Update .gitignore
2011-06-17 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Handle winid change in passthru window
2011-06-16 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Make maliit-plugins library configurable
2011-06-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Make server name configurable
2011-06-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Remove unused CONFIG option
2011-06-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Rename build system files
2011-06-01 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Do not show keyboard when application is not...
2011-05-26 Maksim KirillovChanges: Fix crash during shutdown
2011-05-03 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Cleanup build system
2011-05-01 Michael HasselmannFixes: Manually propagate remote window changes through...
2011-04-21 Jan Arne PetersenFixes: Add required libraries to LIBS.
2011-04-20 Dominik RöttschesFixes: NB#227268 - [Performance] Virtual keyboard orien...
2011-03-28 Dominik RöttschesFixes: NB#238370 - <Safety> Invalid read reported in...
2011-03-15 Jan Arne PetersenFixes: Focus lost from application
2011-03-10 Dominik RöttschesNew: Implement synchronized rotation animation in meego...
2011-03-09 Jan Arne PetersenFixes: Black window in devicelock.
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannChanges: Simplify MPassThruWindow c'tor
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannChanges: Move MPassthruWindow into MIMApplication
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannChanges: Remove reaction map from framework
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannChanges: Clean up headers in meego-im-uiserver
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannNew: Use widget hierarchy for compositing
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannNew: Adapt meego-im-uiserver to LMT removal
2011-03-04 Michael HasselmannNew: Remove LMT dependencies from public API
2011-03-01 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: no manual redirection by default
2011-02-18 Jan Arne PetersenFix: small window shown at initial run.
2011-02-16 Jan Arne PetersenFixes: broken passthroughserver unit test.
2011-02-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Refactor X code used in framework.
2011-02-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Do not use winId().
2011-02-10 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Disable self composition by default
2011-02-08 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Add dummy IMContext
2011-02-03 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Add check for Composite extension.
2011-02-03 Jan Arne PetersenFixes: flicker on show.
2011-02-03 Mohammad AnwariNew: Self composited input method window (NB#224974)
2010-12-16 Mohammad AnwariFixes: NB#208770 - Keys under compositor input regions...
2010-12-09 Csaba KertészChanges: Proper compilation flags for debug/release...
2010-12-01 Pekka VuorelaChanges: made dbus service file installation requiring...
2010-11-23 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed unused obsolete member variables
2010-11-23 Pekka VuorelaChanges: made passthruwindow raise if using wm hint...
2010-11-22 Ning ChiChanges: Remove QtDBus stuffs
2010-10-15 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#198057
2010-10-11 Michael HasselmannChanges: Clean up disabling of MInputContext in passthr...
2010-09-16 Michael HasselmannFixes: passthroughserver tests
2010-09-16 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#187651
2010-09-06 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed obsolete dui-im-uiserver link referenc...
2010-09-06 Pekka VuorelaChanges: avoid using unnecessary meegotouch components
2010-08-27 Michael HasselmannNew: Make MPassThruWindow and MIMWindowManager easier...
2010-08-27 Michael HasselmannChanges: Check widget's WA_Mapped state when hiding...
2010-08-27 Pekka VuorelaChanges: made passthrough server set style before QApp...
2010-08-25 Hannu KoivistoChanges: org.maemo -> com.meego, s/dui// etc. D-Bus...
2010-08-25 Hannu KoivistoNew: activation support for glib dbus code
2010-08-25 Hannu KoivistoChanges: prevent uiserver from loading MInputContext
2010-08-13 Michael HasselmannChanges: meego-im-uiserver/compositor hardening
2010-07-20 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#173434
2010-07-02 chningFixes: #NB177790, #NB175323
2010-06-08 Michael HasselmannNew: Make VKB transient towards application window
2010-05-05 chningChanges: remove unnecessary WMHint _DUI_STATUSBAR_OVERLAY.
2010-04-29 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed unnecessary opengl reference
2010-04-26 Hannu KoivistoChanges: adapt to renamed meegoreactionmap library
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: moved dui-im-uiserver symlink creation to...
2010-04-19 Pekka VuorelaChanges: -f flag to dui-im-uiserver symlink creation...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: quick hack to link dui-im-uiserver as meego...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed m-im-uiserver to meego-im-uiserver...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: fix some m-imframework references in comments
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: rename library to use meego prefix instead...
2010-04-15 Pekka VuorelaChanges: replace more dui references with meegotouch
2010-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed interfaces to use M prefix
2010-04-13 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed files with M prefix
2010-04-07 Viacheslav SobolevNew: set shape for main VKB window if required
2010-04-07 Viacheslav SobolevChanges: do not use XFixes with opaque keyboard
2010-03-29 Michael HasselmannChanges: Hardwire the QStyle to use for the Passthrough...
2010-03-18 chningFixes: Input panel position issue which is caused by...
2010-03-11 Hannu KoivistoFixes: NB#159938, only half of vkb is displayed
2010-03-09 Mohammad AnwariChanges: Put back reaction maps for Fremantle target
2010-03-09 manwariChanges: Fremantle adaptation
2010-03-03 Pekka VuorelaChanges: disabled installing d-bus .service file
2010-02-25 Viacheslav SobolevNew: implemented non-translucent window
2010-02-25 Hannu KoivistoChanges: simplify and fix doxygen comments