New: MImSubViewOverride to track MAttributeExtension for enable-all-subviews override
[maliit:fw.git] / maliit /
2011-11-11 David KingAdd basic libmaliit links to documentation
2011-11-02 Jon NordbyNew: Merge meegotouch-inputmethodbridges into master
2011-10-21 Jon NordbyChanges: Move common code/headers to new directory...
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakNew: Support property for common input method queries.
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd no_keywords config
2011-08-24 Jon NordbySupport for only building libmaliit (CONFIG+=only-libma...
2011-08-23 Jarno MalmariNew: Input method language available from Maliit interface
2011-08-19 Michael HasselmannFixes: NB#277834 - libmaliit seg. fault in libmeegotouc...
2011-07-21 Jan Arne PetersenAdd gcov support to maliit
2011-07-06 Jon NordbyRemove trailing commas in enums in headers.
2011-07-06 Jon NordbyKeep Maliit and MInputMethod namespaces separate.
2011-07-06 Jan Arne PetersenRemove legacy typedef from public header
2011-07-04 Jan Arne PetersenRemove deleted header from
2011-07-04 Jan Arne PetersenUse MinputMethod instead of Maliit namespace for legacy...
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenUpdate maliit interface version to 1.0
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenUpdate MInputContext to use new maliit
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd Maliit::AttributeExtension
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd Maliit::InputMethod
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenRename mpreeditinjectionevent* files
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenRename MPreeditInjectionEvent
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenRename MInputMetod namespace to Maliit
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd maliit-framework package with namespace header
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenInclude topsrcdir into the includepath
2011-06-20 Michael HasselmannFixes: Use M_IM_INSTALL_LIBS prefix to install pkgconfi...
2011-06-20 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Update interface versions to 0.80
2011-06-20 Jon NordbyChanges: Update .gitignore
2011-06-20 Jon NordbyChanges: Make toolbar/attribute extension path configur...
2011-06-16 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Add pkgconfig file for maliit lib
2011-06-15 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Rename build system files
2011-06-09 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Move classes from lmt to a new maliit lib