New: MImSubViewOverride to track MAttributeExtension for enable-all-subviews override
[maliit:fw.git] / examples /
2012-01-13 Michael HasselmannNew: Example application to enable all input methods
2011-11-11 Michael HasselmannAdd comment on how VKB is hidden in GTK+ example
2011-11-10 Michael HasselmannNew: Expose visualization priority through dynamic...
2011-11-08 Jon NordbyNew: GTK+ example application
2011-11-03 Michael HasselmannNew: Add prefer-number example
2011-11-03 Michael HasselmannNew: Add translucent input method example
2011-11-02 Jon NordbyNew: Merge meegotouch-inputmethodbridges into master
2011-10-21 Jon NordbyChanges: Move common code/headers to new directory...
2011-10-18 Jon NordbyChanges: Add strech to twofield example application
2011-10-18 Krzesimir NowakChanges: Extended QtQuick override example plugin.
2011-10-18 Krzesimir NowakChanges: Extended twofields example a bit.
2011-10-18 Krzesimir NowakFixes: Action key label does not change back in QtQuick...
2011-10-18 Krzesimir NowakFixes: Action key label does not change back in C+...
2011-10-07 Jon NordbyChanges: Fix example plugin tests after directory restr...
2011-10-07 Jon NordbyChanges: Add qml plugin files to OTHER_FILES
2011-10-06 Jon NordbyChanges: Build twofields example app against in-tree...
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakFixes: Plainqt was installed always at /usr/bin.
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakNew: Add an example with login and password fields.
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakNew: Add new QtQuick plugin with overridable actionKey.
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakNew: Add new C++ plugin with overridable actionKey.
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakChanges: Move 'cyclekeys' plugin into plugins/qml/...
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakChange: Move 'quick' plugin into plugins/qml/ directory...
2011-10-06 Krzesimir NowakChanges: Move 'standard' plugin into plugins/cxx/ direc...
2011-09-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd workaround for QT Lighthouse to example.
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenReplace enable-meegotouch with enable-legacy
2011-09-01 Jan Arne PetersenAdd no_keywords config
2011-07-22 Jan Arne PetersenAdd support for compiling external libmaliit
2011-07-20 Jon NordbyFix failing unittests for examples and pluginmanager.
2011-07-20 Michael HasselmannNew: Cycle keys example, demoing preedit and commit...
2011-07-19 Jon NordbyFixes: Example tests failing when installed
2011-07-06 Michael HasselmannChange input context name to Maliit
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenUpdate maliit interface version to 1.0
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenUpdate application example to use maliit
2011-07-01 Jan Arne PetersenInclude topsrcdir into the includepath
2011-06-27 Jon NordbyChanges: Rebuild quick plugin example on QML file changes
2011-06-24 Jon NordbyChanges: Update path used in example application
2011-06-20 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Update interface versions to 0.80
2011-06-20 Jon NordbyChanges: Update .gitignore
2011-06-16 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Add maliit build skeleton for examples
2011-06-16 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Make plugins-quick lib configurable
2011-06-16 Jan Arne PetersenChanges: Make maliit-plugins library configurable
2011-06-10 Michael HasselmannFixes: For example application, only use self-compositi...
2011-06-10 Michael HasselmannChanges: Remove error warnings from example application
2011-06-10 Michael HasselmannChanges: Let extra buttons in example app be focus...
2011-06-10 Michael HasselmannChanges: Coding style in example app
2011-06-10 Michael HasselmannFixes: Warning in example application about wrong field...
2011-06-09 Jon NordbyChanges: Install test/example application
2011-06-09 Jon NordbyChanges: Add rotation test button to example application
2011-06-09 Jon NordbyChanges: Addr start/stop uiserver button to example...
2011-06-06 Jon NordbyNew: Add example MInputMethodPlugin
2011-06-06 Jon NordbyChanges: Provide MInputMethodQuick plugin in examples
2011-06-06 Jon NordbyChanges: Rename demos to examples, use separate subdirs