New: MImSubViewOverride to track MAttributeExtension for enable-all-subviews override
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2011-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: removed reference to non-existant document
2011-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed obsolete class names to current ones
2010-12-17 Kimmo SurakkaChanges: plugin tutorial updated.
2010-12-01 Ning ChiChanges: support explicitly setting visible for toolbar...
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2010-04-26 chningChanges: input method toolbar supports update.
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2010-04-15 Mohammad AnwariNew: Architecture and Extensions documentation
2010-04-15 Mohammad AnwariFixes: Button->Label
2010-04-14 Pekka VuorelaChanges: renamed interfaces to use M prefix
2010-03-23 Mohammad AnwariNew: Toolbar support for label and toggle button
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