last changeSun, 18 Mar 2012 00:21:37 +0000 (00:21 +0000)
2012-03-18 Richard P.... Merge branch 'rfc5987' master
2012-03-18 Richard P.... Fix off=by-one error in out_of_mem (reported by John...
2012-03-18 Peter JeremyAdd RFC5987 support
2011-07-29 Richard P.... Update NEWS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for new release
2011-02-10 Richard P.... Add test suite
2010-12-13 Johannes Weißldo not interpret special characters [~,/=^] in Message...
2010-12-07 Ed BlackmanAllow '=' in message-id search for RFC2822 conformance
2010-10-21 Peter JeremyFix SEGV if mbox shrinks
2010-08-30 Tim HarderFix building in parallel
2010-07-29 Jonathan KamensFix faultly mbox message separators
2010-07-05 Richard P.... Further whitespace fixes
2010-07-05 Richard P.... Merge branch 'pj'
2010-07-05 Richard P.... Fix whitespace
2010-07-05 Peter JeremyImprove the parsing of MIME boundaries
2010-07-05 Peter JeremyAdd support for uuencoded attachments
2010-07-05 Peter JeremyAllow empty sections in MIME headers
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