Adding coding standards checks to minaccept in Makefile
[mahara:mahara.git] / Makefile
2011-06-13 Brett WilkinsAdding coding standards checks to minaccept in Makefile
2011-06-07 Francois MarierMerge "Fix autogen of wwwroot to detect symbolic links...
2011-06-06 Francois MarierMerge "Change order of edit page navigation bar"
2011-06-01 Francois MarierMerge "Fix issue with collections when page is outside...
2011-05-31 Francois MarierMerge "Fix bug when updating access with no views"
2011-05-24 Francois MarierMerge "Install googleapps on upgrade"
2011-05-24 Francois MarierMerge "Adding WikiEducator iframe HTML filter"
2011-05-23 Francois MarierMerge "Fix validation errors in install.xml (bug #783804)"
2011-05-23 Darryl HamiltonFix validation errors in install.xml (bug #783804)
2011-05-23 Francois MarierMerge "Deny access to views owned by a suspended user"
2011-05-17 Dan PoltawskiMerge "Remove checksignoff from Makefile"
2011-05-17 Andrew Robert NicolsRemove checksignoff from Makefile
2011-05-17 Francois MarierMerge "Fix Institution Administration naming"
2011-05-17 Francois MarierMerge "blocktype/googleapps: Initial import"
2011-05-17 Richard MansfieldMerge "Fix bug with json_encode() and removed items...
2011-05-17 Francois MarierMerge "Move display_name html-escaping out of templates...
2011-05-17 Francois MarierMerge "Make "make push" take a tags option"
2011-05-16 Ruslan KabalinMerge "Restore working subscribetopic icon (bug #781988)"
2011-05-16 Andrew Robert NicolsMake "make push" take a tags option
2011-05-16 Francois MarierMake "make push" useful again
2011-02-18 Ruslan KabalinMakefile: suppress non-error output in minaccept check
2010-10-04 Alan McNattyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-08-26 Penny LeachMerge remote branch 'public/leap2aupdates'
2010-07-28 Francois MarierAdd checksignoff to "make push"
2010-07-27 Andrew Robert NicolsAdd a check to ensure that the all commits are Signed...
2010-07-15 Francois Marierminaccept test: improve the output
2010-05-14 Francois MarierAdd a makefile to easily run tests and optimise images
2008-02-13 Clare LenihanMerge branch 'master' into ajaxlogin
2008-02-06 Nigel McNieMerge branch 'master' into theme-1.0
2008-02-04 NigelRemove makefile - it needs to be on the pkg-* branches.
2007-01-23 Richard MansfieldMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-23 Nigel McNieMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-23 Martyn SmithAdded symlink to packed mochikit
2007-01-23 Martyn SmithMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-23 Martyn SmithMochiKit Packing
2007-01-12 Penny LeachMerge with master.meredith_lang_strings
2007-01-11 Richard MansfieldMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-11 Martyn SmithMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-11 Penny LeachMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-11 Nigel McNieMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-11 Martyn SmithFixed Makefile to remove old .deb packages
2007-01-10 Penny LeachMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-10 Martyn SmithMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-10 Richard MansfieldMerge ... git+ssh://
2007-01-10 Martyn SmithAdded package specific preinst scripts (symlinks)
2007-01-10 Martyn SmithMakefile for building package