Makefile: install manual page for endurance-extract-process-cgroups
[maemo-tools:sp-endurance.git] / src /
2012-02-10 Tommi Rantalasp_noncached: array constness
2012-01-17 Eero Tamminenupdate proc2csv not to cause issues for post-processing...
2011-12-22 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: pointer constness for non-modified data
2011-12-22 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: avoid uneven brackets due to ifdefs
2011-12-09 Eero Tamminenproc2csv: make -t optional, by default disabled feature
2011-12-09 Eero TamminenRevert "proc2csv: remove '-t' option" to make it option...
2011-12-09 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: remove '-t' option
2011-12-09 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: collect /proc/pid/io optionally
2011-12-09 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: document newly collected /proc/pid/wchan
2011-12-02 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: echo newline with fputc() instead of fputs()
2011-12-02 Tommi Rantalaproc2csv: collect /proc/pid/wchan
2011-12-02 Tommi RantalaRaise SIGINT to propagate proper return value to caller
2011-12-02 Tommi RantalaAlso check for '-r -w' combination in sp-noncached...
2011-12-02 Tommi RantalaCall it 'sp-noncached' in all strings
2011-12-02 Tommi RantalaAdd missing newline in sp-noncached usage output
2011-11-22 Andris ZeilaFix the cache dropping in sp_noncached utility
2011-11-10 Andris ZeilaAdd long options to inline help
2011-11-10 Andris ZeilaReplace sp-copy-noncached with sp-noncached
2011-11-10 Andris ZeilaFix non-cached copy utility
2011-11-09 Andris ZeilaAdd sp-copy-noncached tool
2011-11-09 Tommi RantalaArray constness for read-only data
2011-11-08 Andris ZeilaIntegrate non-cached file storage tool
2011-11-07 Eero Tamminenfix typos
2011-11-07 Andris ZeilaAdd sp-file utility for non-cached writing to file
2011-01-21 Eero Tamminenreplace non-standard lowmem limit checks with dummy...
2010-12-03 Eero Tamminenproc2csv: fix long line processing
2010-10-14 Tommi Rantalaxmeminfo: optionally report only specified atoms
2010-10-14 Tommi Rantalaxmeminfo: add support for new X resource types
2009-11-12 Eero Tamminenimprove error handling, show only relevant errors to...
2009-11-10 Eero Tamminenfix last character processing
2009-10-30 Eero Tammineninitial support for Fremantle low memory limits
2009-10-27 Eero Tammineninclude full processs command line to the endurance...
2009-10-15 Eero TamminenGive more detailed X resource usage information and... v1.24
2009-06-09 Eero TamminenFix harmless Coverity reported leak on error exit ... v1.23
2009-05-04 Kiryl Shutsemau* More statics added. Fixes: NB#107365 v1.19
2007-10-10 Eero Tamminenfix uptime header
2007-06-12 Eero Tamminenmoved sp-endurance from my home dir to here