2009-10-27 Eero Tamminenparse X resource counts and show the changes in summary
2009-10-27 Eero TamminenGeneralize compressed file opening in syslog parsing...
2009-10-27 Eero Tammineninclude full processs command line to the endurance...
2009-10-27 Eero Tammineninstall and document extract-endurance-process-smaps
2009-10-27 Eero Tamminenget README up to date
2009-10-27 Eero Tamminenfix comment
2009-10-27 Eero Tamminenallow overriding CFLAGS in Makefile, change optimizatio...
2009-10-27 Eero Tamminenrewrite endurance-mem-overview: support swap and add...
2009-10-15 Eero TamminenGive more detailed X resource usage information and... v1.24
2009-10-13 Eero Tamminenfix typo
2009-10-12 Eero Tamminenadd script for extracting specific process SMAPS info...
2009-06-09 Eero TamminenFix harmless Coverity reported leak on error exit ... v1.23
2009-06-01 Eero TamminenChangelog entry for fix, fix typos in other entries v1.22
2009-06-01 Eero Tamminenuse intermediate CPU sum values (faster / more readable)
2009-06-01 Eero Tamminendon't crash to div-by-zero on identical (copied data)
2009-05-19 Kiryl Shutsemauupdate debian changelog v1.21
2009-05-19 Kiryl
2009-05-05 Kiryl ShutsemauUpdate changelog v1.20
2009-05-04 Kiryl ShutsemauFix to work with Scratchbox Python...
2009-05-04 Kiryl Shutsemau* More statics added. Fixes: NB#107365 v1.19
2009-05-04 Kiryl ShutsemauAdd PSS and SWAP support to v1.18
2009-03-03 Mika YrjöläApplied a patch from Tommi to detect too wide signal... v1.17
2008-12-04 Mika YrjöläChangelog update for sp-endurance v1.16
2008-12-04 Eero Tamminenshared memory segment changes for NB#94553
2008-08-21 Mika YrjöläFixed a minor warning given by a new Lintian version v1.15
2008-08-21 Eero TamminenRemove support for SleepAVG as newer kernels don't... v1.14
2008-06-25 Mika Yrjöläsp-endurance 1.13 v1.13
2008-06-25 Eero TamminenNAND issues are not necessarily errors,
2008-06-25 Mika YrjöläChangelog has been updated for sp-endurance 1.12 v1.12
2008-06-24 Eero TamminenParse kernel BUG and onenand_wait issues
2008-06-10 Eero Tamminenfix for program names with spaces in them
2008-05-30 Mika Yrjöläsp-endurance 1.11 changelog update. v1.11
2008-05-30 Eero Tamminenfix the case when the use-case step description is...
2008-04-30 Mika YrjöläChangelog update to sp-endurance 1.10 v1.10
2008-04-30 Eero Tamminenfixed the use-case step description handling
2008-04-30 Eero Tamminenadd support for user given use-case step description
2008-04-16 Mika Yrjöläsp-endurance 1.9 v1.9
2008-04-16 Eero Tamminennew kernel changed case in error messages
2008-04-04 Mika YrjöläSp-endurance 1.8 (releasing the fix for bug 83676) v1.8
2008-04-03 Eero Tamminenhandle SMAPS brokeness(with swap) and warn about it
2008-04-01 Mika Yrjöläsp-endurance 1.7 v1.7
2008-04-01 Eero Tamminentake into account new FTD syslog rotation
2008-02-22 Mika Yrjöläsp-endurance-1.6 v1.6
2008-02-21 Eero Tamminenfix to empty DSME files, copyright year update v1.5
2008-02-20 Mika YrjöläPreparing for sp-endurance 1.5
2008-02-20 Eero Tamminenfix exception on rare warning message
2008-01-14 Mika YrjöläChangelog update for sp-endurance 1.4 v1.4
2008-01-14 Eero Tamminenimprove command line parsing
2008-01-14 Eero Tamminensuggest sp-smaps instead of recommend like with postpro...
2007-11-30 Eero Tamminenfix issues when SMAPS data is missing v1.3
2007-11-29 Eero Tamminen* save-incremental-endurance-stats: when sp_smaps_snaps...
2007-11-28 Eero Tamminensave-incremental-endurance-stats: when sp_smaps_snapsho...
2007-11-06 Mika YrjöläAdded a missing fixed bug and description to the changelog. v1.2
2007-11-05 Eero Tamminenhandle also compressed smaps.cap files
2007-11-05 Eero Tamminenshow swap usage change in summary
2007-11-05 Eero Tamminenswap fix
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminencorrect changelog entry
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminenshow only changed thread counts
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminenfix str->int
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminenfix function name
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminenrun proc2csv in more permissive mode
2007-11-01 Eero TamminenNPTL support implemented
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminencorrect changelog date
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminenprocess list list now just processes, thread list is...
2007-11-01 Eero Tamminen* save-incremental-endurance-stats: save open file...
2007-10-10 Eero Tamminenfix uptime header
2007-10-09 Eero Tamminenfix error message
2007-10-02 Eero Tamminenupdate + todo v1.1.18
2007-10-02 Eero TamminenDon't duplicate time for Glib messages
2007-10-02 Eero Tamminentabs to spaces
2007-10-02 Eero TamminenPatch for Tuukka to catch syslog read failures
2007-09-11 Eero Tamminenmove the independent SMAPS parsing script to sp-libleak...
2007-09-03 Mika YrjöläChangelog update for a new release. v1.1.17
2007-08-30 Eero Tamminensmaps tools can now read smaps.cap directly, remove...
2007-08-24 Eero Tamminenfix
2007-08-21 Eero Tamminensyslogd isn't anymore significant
2007-08-21 Eero Tamminenfix args for last change
2007-08-20 Eero TamminenInclude day to the errors parsed from syslog. Fixes... v1.1.16
2007-08-20 Eero TamminenIndicate in output titles where the stats come + add...
2007-08-09 Eero Tamminenfix example
2007-07-12 Mika YrjöläDummy version bump. v1.1.15
2007-06-19 Eero Tamminenparse I/O errors from syslog
2007-06-12 Eero Tamminenmoved sp-endurance from my home dir to here