2013-06-19 Alberto GarciaRelease 0.6 master
2013-06-19 Alberto GarciaUpdate all Twitter API URLs to v1.1
2013-06-19 Alberto GarciaFix parsing of the Mobypicture response
2013-06-19 Alberto GarciaRemove support for Posterous
2013-06-19 Alberto GarciaRemove support for Twitgoo
2011-10-23 Alberto GarciaRelease 0.5 release-0.5
2011-10-23 Alberto GarciaSupport uploading images directly to Twitter
2010-09-30 Alberto GarciaRelease 0.4 release-0.4
2010-09-27 Alberto GarciaAdd 'description' and 'source' support for Posterous
2010-09-27 Alberto GarciaAdd 'description' support for Mobypicture
2010-09-27 Alberto GarciaAdded links to the API documentation of each service
2010-09-24 Alberto GarciaRelease 0.3 release-0.3
2010-09-24 Alberto GarciaAdd support for yfrog
2010-09-24 Alberto GarciaMake the credentials verification url customizable
2010-09-24 Alberto GarciaRemove oauth_callback from 'X-Verify-Credentials-Author...
2010-09-23 Alberto GarciaAdd tag support for Mobypicture
2010-08-27 Alberto Garciaregister_account_clicked() doesn't need any extra data...
2010-08-25 Alberto GarciaRelease 0.2 release-0.2
2010-08-25 Alberto GarciaMake the setup messages a bit clearer
2010-08-25 Alberto GarciaFix prototypes
2010-08-25 Alberto GarciaUse the default 'Photo:' text only in the Twitter timeline
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaDon't assume the output from sharing_http_get_res_body...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaReturn SHARING_ACCOUNT_VALIDATE_FAILED on error
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaSet the account name as '(unconfigured)' if validation...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaReturn proper error if the account is not valid when...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaRefactor the code to get the Twitter pic service from...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaClear the dead_mans_switch in twitmulti_account_edit...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaClear the access token when the pin is set
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaFix compilation warning on some versions of gcc
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaAdd build-dependency on libcurl3-dev and libssl-dev release-0.1
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaRename package to sharing-twitter-multi (maemo- prefix...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaDisable the 'OK' button of the PIN dialog until there...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaUse an idle function rather than a new thread to get...
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaRename twitpic.[ch] to twitmulti.[ch]
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaFix package name in
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaUse ConIc to go online when setting up the account
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaUse a thread to get the request token
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaUpdate package description and icon
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaDon't install
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaUse the description field if the title field is empty
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaAdd support for Posterous
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaAdd support for
2010-08-24 Alberto GarciaChange license to LGPL
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaNew option: "Post link to Twitter?"
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaInclude copyright of Twitter icon
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaAdd icon, bugtracker and display name to debian/control
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaAdd support for mobypicture
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaRename package to maemo-sharing-twitter-multi
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaUpdate Twitpic API key
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaAdd support for uploading pictures to Twitgoo
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaCheck Twitpic response before trying to post to Twitter
2010-08-23 Alberto GarciaSend all media entries in a given SharingTransfer,...
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaTrim the status message, and include a default one...
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaInclude Twitpic image URL in tweet
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaBasic implementation of the 'Edit account' dialog
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaFirst implementation of the share function
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaMove all handling of parameters to util.c
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaEscape URLs using g_uri_escape_string() rather than...
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaBasic implementation of the setup and validation process
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaInitial version of the account setup dialog
2010-08-20 Alberto GarciaBasic skeleton of maemo-sharing-twitpic