2010-03-05 Thomas Thurmanmessageboxes time out
2010-03-04 Thomas Thurmanhelp
2010-03-04 Thomas Thurmanadd demo mode (dialogues don't yet auto-cancel)
2010-03-03 Thomas Thurmanimplement demo mode keystroke
2010-03-03 Thomas Thurmanupdate todos
2010-03-03 Thomas Thurmandemo movement
2010-03-03 Thomas Thurmanstub interesting position code
2010-03-03 Thomas Thurmanbearing and distance
2010-03-02 Thomas Thurmanrm todos
2010-03-02 Thomas Thurmanrandom movement
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanrobot is coloured white
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanchequers
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanbasic painter hook
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanadd stub functions to RfkCoords for bearing and distance
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanrm dump method of coords
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanuse deleteLater() rather than delete to get rid of...
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanrm todo
2010-02-28 Thomas ThurmanActually implement running
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmansplit out step movement into separate method
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmansome directions can't be run in
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanconnect up the running flag
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanadded running param to controller's move slot
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanaccept mouse events
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanadded tapping on the board to move
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanfixed second-round bug; controller needed to be reinsta...
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmandoxygen
2010-02-28 Thomas Thurmanresources file
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanmore todos
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmantodos
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanignore unknown key events in view
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanusing item types instead of boolean flags. robot still...
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanadded item type enum
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanhuge commentfest
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmancommenting
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmancommenting
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmancommenting
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanfix up resources dir
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmansimpler
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanclears away old state properly
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanbetter attempt at removing old items (still doesn't...
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanadd rfk.cpp
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanadd rfk.cpp
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanintroduce RfkApplication
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanchange populate param to RfkBoard*
2010-02-27 Thomas Thurmanfinale working
2010-02-25 Thomas Thurmandisplay robot and kitten in the animation in their...
2010-02-25 Thomas Thurmanfinale
2010-02-25 Thomas Thurmanfinale window (doesn't do very much that's interesting...
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmando popups via slots and signals
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmancentre robot in its square
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmanmovement works properly
2010-02-24 Thomas ThurmanRethink of MVC coupling
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmanbasic movement (works, roughly)
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmanbasic keyboard stuff; resources
2010-02-24 Thomas Thurmanaccept the keyboard event
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanstub keypress method
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanshow_message(), play_game()
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanun-stub
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanactually populate when we say we will
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanrm const from x and y
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanpro
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmansoutheast_corner()
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanrightmost button is 'play'
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanadd info box
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmansplit out window preparation
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanbasic view
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmove code out of test.cpp to controller
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmessage
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmove, and dump_board
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmaneast is not a diagonal
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmove_robot
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanadd controller
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanvarious cleanup stuffs
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmovement moved into RfkCoords
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanboard layout works
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanmove responsibility for knowing item type into RfkItemModel
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanconstructor to set x and y of RfkCoords explicitly
2010-02-22 Thomas ThurmanRfkBoardModel::at stub
2010-02-22 Thomas ThurmanRfkContent enum
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmanrobot_position
2010-02-22 Thomas Thurmaninitial