last changeTue, 23 Feb 2010 14:22:13 +0000 (09:22 -0500)
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanpackaging tweaks and 1.41 release master
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmanminor help tweaks
2010-02-23 Thomas Thurmansupply image for online help
2010-02-17 Thomas Thurmanbasic gtkhtml help; picture not working
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanadd board diagram to makefile
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanrm debug stuff
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanbump version number
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanadd diagram to help
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanupdate help a little
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanrm em dashes, since they're not in the default font...
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanenlarge arena; make robot visited by default
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmanauto-close notes in demo mode
2010-02-16 Thomas Thurmandemo mode works, roughly
2010-02-15 Thomas Thurmanadd demo button
2010-02-15 Thomas Thurmandraw backdrop; also set title to short or long version...
2010-02-11 Thomas Thurmanbasic demo mode
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