last changeMon, 27 Sep 2010 01:52:37 +0000 (18:52 -0700)
2010-09-27 David SchleefCleanups for running with ORC_CODE=emulate master
2010-09-24 David Schleefcompiler: Fix calculation of max var size
2010-09-24 David Schleeftest: Add disabled code to make manual testing easier
2010-09-22 Sebastian Drögemmx: paddq and psubq are SSE2 instructions
2010-09-21 David Schleefmmx: reconvert from sse, plus fixes
2010-09-20 David Schleefsse: Fix rex prefix
2010-09-20 Edward Herveyc: Fix C_NOEXEC destination parameter
2010-09-20 David SchleefHandle ORC_CODE=emulate to force emulation
2010-09-17 David Schleefc: Fix emulation loading of constants on big-endian
2010-09-16 David SchleefRemove usage of orcbin
2010-09-16 David SchleefConvert usage of ULL to ORC_UINT64_C()
2010-09-16 David Schleefexamples: remove mt19937ar temp files
2010-09-16 David SchleefFix warning on OS/X
2010-09-16 David SchleefUse MAP_ANON if MAP_ANONYMOUS is not defined
2010-09-16 David Schleefc: Fix problems related to 64-bit constants
2010-09-16 David Schleefsse: implement 64-bit params and constants
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