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last changeTue, 25 Sep 2012 07:43:32 +0000 (10:43 +0300)
2012-09-25 Juho HämäläinenDon't try to build documentation if build support isn... master
2012-09-25 Juho HämäläinenUpdate detection of ports in PulseAudio.
2012-09-25 Juho HämäläinenInclude local config.h instead of pulsecore-config.h
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiydbusif: check for null pointer before dereferencing
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiydbusif: remove unnecessary nesting
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiypolicy-group: fix a potential problem of null pointer...
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiysink-ext: fix potential null pointer dereference
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiyclassify: free a string buffer on error path
2012-02-21 Vladimir Zapolskiyclassify: remove never used arg0 pointer
2011-11-29 Jarmo TulonenReverted a change that forced media.role = x-maemo...
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiypolicy group: remove memory leakage on policy group...
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiysink input: remove compilation warnings
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiydbusif: don't use policy group scan function directly
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiypolicy group: add const qualifier to pa_policy_group_find()
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiysink input: remove redundant debugging
2011-11-29 Vladimir Zapolskiydbusif: remove a compilation time warning
7 years ago pulse-rebuild-2010-Oct-06
7 years ago int-2010-39-bugfix-194797-swp-plicy-466
7 years ago int-2010-26-bugfix-166700
7 years ago int-2010-26-bugfix-161198
8 years ago int-20100421 2010 April 21: going for integration.
8 years ago int20100421 2010 April 21: going for integration.
8 years ago int-2010-11-karma
8 years ago int-2010-07-build-dep-fix
8 years ago int-2010-06-dep-fix
8 years ago harmattan-baseline Baseline for harmattan code. From...
8 years ago 0.5.27
8 years ago release-2009-26
8 years ago 0.5.23
8 years ago release-2009-23
9 years ago 0.5.22
9 years ago release-2009-22
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