last changeFri, 21 Oct 2011 06:34:57 +0000 (09:34 +0300)
2011-10-21 Jussi RautioReplaced crop filter with Qt method; simplified thumbna... master 2
2011-10-10 Jussi RautioRemoved unnecesary temporary image allocation.
2011-10-10 Jussi RautioUsing QuillImageFilter constructor instead of factory.
2011-09-30 Philip Van... Remove Quill header for dependencies
2011-09-30 Philip Van... Don't load images that are too big with QUILL
2011-09-14 Rodrigo BelemAdd support to load custom flavors 3
2011-08-25 Philip Van... Cast instead of do guint64 arithmetic
2011-08-25 Philip Van... Avoid abs which takes ints instead of guint64w
2011-08-25 Philip Van... On VFat the mtime of a file can vary a second
2011-05-24 Philip Van... Fix a crash when destructing QApplication
2011-05-12 Philip Van... Filenames with '#' are not working, this API usage...
2011-05-12 maimishrtests: removed two parallel dbus-connnections
2011-04-28 Philip Van... Use fromPercentageEncoded instead
2011-04-28 Philip Van... Remove unused variable
2011-04-28 Philip Van... Pass the right kind of URL to Quill
2011-04-19 Philip Van... Bugfix in quill thumbnailer plugin
6 years ago meego/0.1.22-1meego2 Preparing meego/0.1.22-1meego2...
6 years ago meego/0.1.22-1meego1 Created tag meego/0.1.22-1meego1
6 years ago meego/0.1.21-5meego3 Release meego/0.1.21-5meego3
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-5meego2 Release meego/0.1.21-5meego2
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-5meego1 Release meego/0.1.21-5meego1
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-4meego1 Release 0.1.21-4meego1
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-3meego1 Release meego/0.1.21-3meego1
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-2meego1 Release meego/0.1.21-2meego1
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-1meego2 Release meego/0.1.21-1meego2
7 years ago meego/0.1.21-1meego1 0.1.21-1meego1
7 years ago maemo/0.1.13-1 Release maemo/0.1.13-1
7 years ago maemo/0.1.13 Release maemo/0.1.13
7 years ago 0.1.13 Release 0.1.13
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