last changeWed, 13 Apr 2011 16:52:18 +0000 (19:52 +0300)
2011-04-13 Jean-Luc LamadonFixed headers which did not contain license reference master
2011-02-11 Sami RosendahlUpdate waitForDataChangedSignal to check for the model... review_1pre6.12.9_ts_improve_live_and_streaming_tests
2011-02-11 Sami RosendahlUse helper functions to listen for modelUpdated() signa...
2011-02-11 Sami RosendahlFix LiveTests::live_streamingModel_1item
2011-02-11 Sami RosendahlSmall review fixes to live-tests
2011-02-11 Sami RosendahlRename LiveTests::listenToDataChangedSignals to listenT...
2011-02-11 Tomasz KucharskiAdded possibility of choosing tracker backend for live...
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiAdded live-tests to make check chain
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiAdded live-tests binary to .gitignore
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiRemoved duplicated code of toIsoDateWithUtcOffsetString
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiRemoved all helper functions for live-tests from unit...
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiRemoved live-tests from unit-tests
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiAdded actual live test cases to the live-tests suite
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiCopied all helper functions
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiAdded initTestCase() and cleanupTestCase() functions
2011-02-10 Tomasz KucharskiAdded local resources management helper functions
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7 years ago wip_update_module_with_fleximap
7 years ago review_1pre6.12.9_ts_improve_live_and_streaming_tests
7 years ago rebase_1pre6.12.9_t_disable_doc_generating
7 years ago rebase_1pre6.12.9_mjd_benchmark_updates_music_gallery_003
7 years ago wip_improve_live_and_streaming_testing
7 years ago wip_update_algorithm
7 years ago wip_splitting_ontology_headers
7 years ago wip_signalsrecorder
7 years ago wip_enabling_switching_delay_times
7 years ago wip_checking_number_of_qsparql_connections_in_benchmarking
7 years ago wip_live_doc_and_update_updates
7 years ago ram-perf-tests
7 years ago rebase_1pre6.12.5_mjd_benchmark_updates_music_gallery_001
7 years ago rebase_1pre6.12.5_mjd_benchmark_updates_music_gallery_002
7 years ago rebase_1pre6.12.5_i01_fixes_191946_memory_leaks_when_adding_sms_messages