last changeTue, 17 May 2011 15:08:30 +0000 (09:08 -0600)
2011-05-17 Dave PittsAdded try-expect to getopt processing, usage message... master
2010-11-19 Dave PittsMake the RUNOFF sources appear closer to the original...
2010-11-19 Dave PittsChanged to test INSERT FILE.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsIgnore INSERT FILE when in a Remark.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsAdded INSERT FILE statement.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsAdded runoff.mad.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsAdding missing RUNOFF modules.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsChanged EJECT to ASCII FF.
2010-11-19 Dave PittsAdded output file support.
2010-11-18 Dave PittsAdded a comment.
2010-11-18 Dave PittsChanged install/uninstall to only install needed Python...
2010-11-17 Dave PittsPut the mad.1 file into the repository for those that...
2010-11-17 Dave PittsChanged the install target to "process" the MAD program...
2010-11-17 Dave PittsA few changes to make MAD installable.
2010-11-16 Dave PittsAdded variable indirection when it's an assignment...
2010-11-16 Dave PittsIgnore null character in pack().
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