last changeSat, 6 Nov 2010 13:13:16 +0000 (14:13 +0100)
2010-11-06 Harald Fernengeladd apache-ant master
2010-11-06 Harald Fernengeladd python26
2010-06-22 Harald Fernengelsymlink libncurses.dylib
2010-02-22 Harald Fernengelsome small fixes to get fontconfig building
2009-12-21 Harald Fernengelsome more symlinks, make the MySQL package almost happy
2009-11-14 Harald Fernengeladd subversion dummy
2009-11-14 Harald Fernengelsymlink to make some config.tests work
2009-07-21 Mike ArthurUpdate version numbers.
2009-07-20 Mike ArthurAdd more dummy packages for system libraries that KDE...
2009-06-26 Harald Fernengeladd rsync and p5-error, needed for building git-core
2009-05-22 haraldmake all ports universal
2009-05-22 haralddummy package for bzip2
2009-05-22 haraldadd dummy package for readline
2009-05-22 haraldlink the pkg-config file so other ports will find it
2009-05-21 haraldremove unneeded dir
2009-05-21 Harald FernengelInitial commit
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