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last changeSat, 28 Jun 2014 15:40:08 +0000 (16:40 +0100)
2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Initial Qt5 support. HEAD master
2014-06-01 Hong Jen Yee... Use new LXQt header files.
2014-05-15 Jerome LeclancheAssorted string polishing
2014-05-12 Christian Surlykkecmake option to build without menu-cache even if it...
2014-05-09 rilian-la-teUpdate dialog.cpp
2014-05-07 Jerome LeclancheUpdate COPYING
2014-05-01 Jerome LeclancheUpdate man page
2014-04-29 Jerome LeclancheUpdate AUTHORS
2014-04-29 Jerome LeclancheLxQt Power Management -> Power Management
2014-04-29 Hong Jen Yee... Add CPack rules for creating tarball
2013-11-24 Hong Jen Yee... Update the app icons properly after the xdg menu is...
2013-11-19 Christian SurlykkeProper encoding of command arguments
2013-11-13 Christian SurlykkeRemoved CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR usage from CMakeLists.txt
2013-11-05 Hong Jen Yee... Fix renaming bugs, replacing lxqt-qt with lxde-qt
2013-11-04 Hong Jen Yee... Finish the crazy razor=>lxqt renaming tasks.
2013-10-31 Hong Jen Yee... Convert utf8 strings to utf16 properly while using...
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