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2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Fix incorrect lib linking. HEAD master qt5
2014-06-21 Hong Jen Yee... Add initial Qt5 support.
2014-06-17 Christian SurlykkeAdd missing lgpl-headers
2014-06-17 Christian SurlykkeRecognize Alec Moskvin as author in 'about' dialog
2014-06-17 Christian SurlykkeFix includes, hopefuly correct this time
2014-06-17 Christian SurlykkeClean up includes
2014-06-16 Christian SurlykkeTell logind to not handle lidswitch when lidwatcher...
2014-06-15 Christian SurlykkeAdded contextmenu to battery systemtray icon
2014-06-15 Christian SurlykkeOn first run disable lidwatcher/batterywatcher if lid...
2014-06-01 Hong Jen Yee... Add missing ${QTXDG_INCLUDE_DIRS} to include_directories().
2014-05-31 Luís PereiraUse preferred header style
2014-05-09 Christian SurlykkeTemporary fix for #86
2014-05-09 Christian SurlykkeCorrected badly formed includes. Fix for #81
2014-05-01 Jerome LeclancheRemove outdated and unused manpage
2014-04-29 Jerome LeclancheAdd AUTHORS
2014-04-29 Jerome LeclancheStrings improvements
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