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last changeTue, 24 Jun 2014 10:56:05 +0000 (18:56 +0800)
2014-06-24 Hong Jen Yee... Link to correct version of lxqt-globalkeys for lxqt... HEAD master
2014-06-23 Luís PereiraUpdates translations files install destination qt5
2014-06-23 Luís PereiraAdds include_directories() to the _use.cmake file
2014-06-23 Luís PereiraAdds portable headers
2014-06-20 Hong Jen Yee... Fix broken qt4 build and make lib and include paths...
2014-06-18 Hong Jen Yee... * Do simplification and cleanup for the qt5 port.
2014-06-04 Hong Jen Yee... Initial Qt5 support
2014-06-01 Hong Jen Yee... Use new LXQt header files.
2014-05-08 Hong Jen Yee... Improve FreeBSD support
2014-05-07 Jerome LeclancheUpdate COPYING
2014-04-30 Alf Gaidaremove old translation templates
2014-04-30 Hong Jen Yee... Add #include <libgen.h> for using basename().
2014-04-29 Jerome LeclancheUpdate AUTHORS
2014-04-29 Hong Jen Yee... Add CPack rules for creating tarball
2014-04-26 Jerome LeclancheBring desktop file in line with the others
2014-02-12 Veeti PaananenDon't append library suffix to library install path...
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