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2014-07-03 Hong Jen Yee... Add <OnlyUnallocated /> to to avoid... HEAD master
2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Rename lxqt-config-cursor to liblxqt-config-cursor...
2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Show cursors by using raw xcb calls since Qt5 does... qt5
2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Write Qt settings to lxqt.conf instead of the deprecate...
2014-06-28 Hong Jen Yee... Make the code compile with both Qt4 and Qt5.
2014-06-27 Paulo LieuthierFix keyboard layout settings reading and writting
2014-06-22 Alf GaidaCleanup header style
2014-06-01 Hong Jen Yee... Use new LXQt header files.
2014-05-31 Luís PereiraUse preferred header style.
2014-05-18 Kuzma ShapranMake sure all enums are handled in switch
2014-05-14 Jerome LeclancheFix a null dereference
2014-05-08 Hong Jen Yee... Remove unnecessary use of alloca, which is not portable.
2014-05-07 Jerome LeclancheMention lxqt-config-cursor in AUTHORS
2014-05-07 Hong Jen Yee... Include some optional components in LXQt settings.
2014-05-07 Jerome LeclancheRemove duplicate COPYING file
2014-05-07 Jerome LeclancheUpdate COPYING
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