last changeSat, 1 Jan 2000 01:46:28 +0000 (01:46 +0000)
2000-01-01 Joshua PhillipsAdd SHARE_LIOLIB info to documentation. master
2000-01-01 Joshua PhillipsAdjust headers and types for MSVC build.
2010-08-03 Joshua PhillipsAdd building information to documentation.
2010-08-01 Joshua PhillipsFix the memory management changes.
2010-08-01 Joshua PhillipsAllow stderr=subprocess.STDOUT for more cases.
2010-08-01 Joshua PhillipsFix open/creat usage.
2010-08-01 Joshua PhillipsUse Lua stack for strings.
2010-08-01 Joshua PhillipsUse TRUE for bInheritHandles in CreateProcess.
2010-07-31 Joshua PhillipsUse PATH variable on Windows if executable name not...
2010-07-31 Joshua PhillipsAdd binary option for Windows.
2010-07-25 Joshua PhillipsAllow use of stderr=subprocess.STDOUT
2010-07-24 Joshua PhillipsUpdate Makefile.
2010-07-24 Joshua PhillipsUpdate documentation.
2010-07-24 Joshua PhillipsRemove debug puts.
2010-07-24 Joshua PhillipsAdd prune function to avoid leaking proc objects.
2010-07-24 Joshua PhillipsFixes for Windows.
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