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2013-07-26 Ricard Marxerrevert the web master
2013-07-26 Ricard MarxerMerge branch 'eigen3-new-ffmpeg'
2013-07-26 Ricard Marxerfix the website
2011-10-20 Ricard Marxerfix a bit the configuration scripts
2011-09-07 Ricard Marxeradapt to the new FFMPEG api
2011-09-07 Ricard Marxerfix the dimension type in the typemaps
2011-06-01 Ricard Marxeradapt to 64bit
2011-03-22 Ricard Marxera bit less of a performance hit
2011-03-22 Ricard Marxerfix the audioloader to be robust to selecting non-exist...
2011-02-17 Ricard Marxerfix the peak detection so that it detects all peaks
2011-02-15 Ricard Marxeradd a specific test for the complex peak detection
2011-02-15 Ricard Marxerfinish the port to eigen3 and fix the peak detection
2010-09-20 Ricard Marxerfix the IFFT zero phase problem
2010-06-26 Ricardfix the spectral whitening and the DCT
2010-05-21 Ricard Marxeradd the availability of the OnsetComplex in python...
2010-05-21 Ricardport to the new eigen
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