2013-01-18 hellekinFix bug with landing_url plugin setting
2013-01-18 hellekinMake tests pass and cleanup messages
2013-01-16 hellekinBumping version to v0.2.4 v0.2.4-rc1
2013-01-16 hellekinUse the new function, and remove the count fix-batch
2013-01-16 hellekinMove plugin user settings to a function, and use an...
2013-01-16 hellekinRemove counter
2013-01-16 hellekinDowncase categories
2013-01-04 hellekinFix bug with user updates
2013-01-04 hellekinCorrect Spanish translation v0.2.3
2013-01-04 hellekinCorrect translation strings v0.2.1
2013-01-04 hellekinBonjour la Terre (Add French translation)
2013-01-04 hellekinUpdate translation strings
2013-01-04 hellekinFallback to global defaults
2013-01-04 hellekinAllow admin to override user settings globally
2013-01-04 hellekinAdd reasonable defaults upon activation
2013-01-04 hellekinAdd site-wide landing configuration
2013-01-04 hellekinAll is relative. Absolutely. (Code cleanup)
2013-01-04 hellekinUpdate Copyright years
2013-01-04 hellekinFix plugin name in license. I love GNU Sed
2013-01-04 hellekinAnnounce new feature in upcoming v0.2.1
2012-12-29 hellekinAdd AGPLv3+ license file v0.2.0
2012-12-29 hellekinBump stable version to 0.2.0
2012-12-29 hellekinSimplify testing
2012-12-29 hellekinAdd input validation
2012-12-28 hellekinFix wrong function name
2012-12-28 hellekinFix call to plugin hook
2012-12-28 hellekinFix deprecation warning
2012-12-28 hellekinMove test file under tests/ directory for consistency...
2012-12-28 hellekinAdd license information
2012-12-28 hellekinUpdate translations. Add Spanish
2012-12-28 hellekinEnsure the plugin only activates if #4275 is applied
2012-12-28 hellekinRewrite to support the new login:forward,user plugin...
2012-06-26 hellekinInitial commit. Tests do not work. Plugin requires...