2012-03-20 hellekinFix alias persistence (+ add tests, fix typos) make_alias_persistent master
2012-02-23 SemAll values sticky except alias because if not we can...
2012-02-23 SemAdded sticky forms in form view.
2012-02-23 SemGroup forms made sticky.
2011-12-06 SemFixed unavailability of edit a group.
2011-12-03 SemAdded activate script. It forces groups to have an... lorea
2011-12-03 SemManaged exceptions.
2011-12-03 SemInput and output views.
2011-12-03 SemJavascript and unique verification.
2011-12-02 SemAdded group tools forward.
2011-12-02 SemAlias URL working for group profiles.
2011-12-02 SemInitial commit with manifest and start.