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2013-11-10 SemAdded license files. master
2013-11-08 SemMerge branch 'release/1.8.0' 1.8.0
2013-11-08 SemBumped version 1.8.0
2013-09-05 SemRemoved deprecated function uses. 1.8
2012-10-25 Pablo Martinuse paranoid fetcher and retry discovery if it fails.
2012-10-21 Pablo Martinadd ns for salmon envelopes.
2012-10-03 Pablo Martinadd support for page and blog salmon notifications.
2012-10-02 Pablo Martinchange how salmon comments are created.
2012-10-02 Pablo Martina little bit cleaning up.
2012-10-02 Pablo Martinadd namespaces for entry shell for salmon.
2012-10-02 Pablo Martinadd all ways to get id for the author.
2012-10-02 Pablo Martinsend salmon for threads elements.
2012-09-30 Pablo Martincleaning up.
2012-09-30 Pablo Martinnew way to get and set signature, and pass entity properly.
2012-09-30 Pablo Martinnew way to make and check signature.
2012-09-30 Pablo Martindiscoverer can get urls from page head.
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