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2013-02-13 SemDon't show flag in admin context. 1.8 master
2012-11-30 SemAdded catalan language.
2012-11-16 hellekinRemove deprecation warnings
2012-11-07 Pablo Martinimprove sidebars so favorite users appear on members...
2012-10-31 Pablo Martinchange back naming to work elements in spanish translat...
2012-10-31 Pablo Martindefault ordering for favorites.
2012-10-20 occamfix umlaut problems. make sure to use utf8
2012-10-19 SemDivided view page in more views.
2012-10-19 SemRefactored favorites page.
2012-10-18 SemUsing pure javascript in js file.
2012-10-18 SemRemoved comments and ?> from all files to follow standards.
2012-10-10 occamdon't return, or elgg throws up some error
2012-10-10 hellekinUpdate Spanish translation
2012-10-10 occamfix tabs
2012-10-10 occamremove graphics, stars from the theme are used
2012-10-10 occamcode cleanup and readme
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