2013-01-18 hellekinUpdate copyright years 1.8 stable v0.1.0
2013-01-18 hellekinFix manifest to match Elgg requirements
2012-11-23 SemChanged edit general file names.
2012-11-23 SemImproved crud default settings.
2012-11-23 SemClarified section language.
2012-11-22 SemAdded time to assemblies
2012-11-09 hellekinFinalize Copyright information
2012-11-01 hellekinAdd AGPLv3+ licensing information
2012-10-30 Pablo Martinonly show link to add decision to next assembly if...
2012-10-30 Pablo Martinadd draft icon and change translation from idea to...
2012-10-25 Pablo Martinadd draft status for proposals.
2012-10-21 Pablo Martinrename decission to decision.
2012-10-12 SemMoving some CSS to crud.
2012-10-12 SemUpdated languages.
2012-09-16 Pablo Martinadd date depending tabs on assembly listing.
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinadd some css to assembly view.
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinnew language strings for sections.
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinfix
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinchange category to section on translation.
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinadd spanish translation
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinchange decissions to be tabbed by status instead of...
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinchange description to goal on decissions.
2012-09-15 Pablo Martinadded a category property for assembly and decissions...
2012-09-07 Pablo Martinnew icons by ariel.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinuse getTitleLink
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinget title for next assembly using getTitleLink
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinremove uneeded language string.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinchange "Alternative proposals" to just "proposals"
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinfix for latest refactoring into class code.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinadding missing language strings.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinuse getTitle to set (sub)title on dashboard widget.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinlink object class through crud.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinallow configurable title.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinadd missing language strings.
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinfix for new crud format.
2012-08-31 Pablo MartinMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:lorea/assemblies
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinadd embedding properties.
2012-08-31 SemIt is not necessary register the owner block menu since...
2012-08-31 SemMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:lorea/assemblies
2012-08-31 SemReplaced 'input_type' field attributes by 'type', more...
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinadded assembly widget showing next assemblies for the...
2012-08-31 Pablo MartinMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:lorea/assemblies
2012-08-31 Pablo Martinadd assembly widget.
2012-08-31 SemDeprecated setVariable function in crud.
2012-08-31 SemMoved owner block to crud.
2012-08-30 Pablo Martinadd a view all link to the assembly group box.
2012-08-30 Pablo Martinadd link action.
2012-08-30 Pablo Martinadd button to link decission to next assembly taken...
2012-08-30 Pablo Martinrename agenda_point to decissions, control to be shared...
2012-08-30 Pablo Martinadapt for change of how crud registers types.
2012-08-29 Pablo Martinadded action to update assemblies general properties...
2012-08-29 Pablo Martinremove test function from ElggAssembly class.
2012-08-29 Pablo Martinchange subtype registration system to activate/deactivate
2012-08-28 Pablo Martinadd missing language strings.
2012-08-28 Pablo Martinset default for assemblies tools to disabled unless...
2012-08-28 Pablo Martinmake assembly tool disabled as default.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martindont show defaults which are not set.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd edit group assembly defaults functionality.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinsomewhat better icons for proposal status.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martindon't show some areas that don't make sense in case...
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinimproved group widget boxes.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd language strings for edited river items.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd a new translation string.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd navigation menu for agenda points, and meta log...
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinrename assemblies/general to assemblies/assembly_general
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd translation strings.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinaestethic changes.
2012-08-27 Pablo Martinadd status and mode selections for agenda_points.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinonly show view and edit links when sensible.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinfix formatting when there are no assemblies.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinsome new language strings.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinfix View and Edit links in group widget.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinfill in agenda points in group widget.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinfix formatting on assembly info box.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinadding initial information to group widget.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinadd agenda_point object view.
2012-08-24 Pablo Martinadd agenda_point type to crud definition.
2012-08-23 SemRemoved unused div from assemblies form.
2012-08-23 SemAssemblies group module layout refactored.
2012-08-23 SemReally bad things happens if an admin disable crud...
2012-08-23 Pablo Martinmodify assembly module to use crud module as a basis...
2012-08-22 Pablo Martinallow creating assemblies.
2012-08-22 Pablo Martinadded group widget, assembly css and a few views for...
2012-08-21 SemAdded language and lib.
2012-08-19 SemInitial commit with manifest and start.