last changeTue, 7 Sep 2010 15:07:59 +0000 (17:07 +0200)
2010-09-07 Denis SteckelmacherCorrectly check the permissions when creating a demand. master
2010-09-04 Denis SteckelmacherLCode feeds.
2010-08-28 Denis SteckelmacherFix the feeds to be usable.
2010-08-28 Denis SteckelmacherAllow the admins to add global messages on the website.
2010-08-27 Denis SteckelmacherFixes on the download page, remove the TTF directory.
2010-08-26 Denis SteckelmacherVarious tweaks.
2010-08-25 Denis SteckelmacherDesign fixes, don't center-align the images in the...
2010-08-25 Denis SteckelmacherUpdating translations (translate the new front page...
2010-08-25 Denis SteckelmacherDon't lie on the front page, better present the project.
2010-08-25 Denis SteckelmacherDon't crash on the front page when we have no poll.
2010-08-23 Denis SteckelmacherUse reCAPTCHA, no more spam !
2010-08-23 Denis SteckelmacherDon't overwrite the reporter of a demand when we modify it.
2010-08-23 Denis SteckelmacherShow the products on the demands front page. newdemands
2010-08-22 Denis SteckelmacherMore design fixes.
2010-08-22 Denis SteckelmacherBetter aspect of the demands list, one less query when...
2010-08-22 Denis SteckelmacherDon't color the type's title, it's unreadable.
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