last changeMon, 15 Feb 2010 15:58:32 +0000 (16:58 +0100)
2010-02-15 Flavien LefebvreAdding a button to open a new tab in the QTabView master
2010-02-15 Flavien LefebvreModifing the system to open a directory : now, they...
2010-02-14 Flavien LefebvreDelete the box asking "Are you sure to quit Bloq ?"
2010-01-27 Denis SteckelmacherLink to the wiki page in INSTALL, git import
2010-01-24 leobuntuMagellan is temporarly not compiled anymore. Will be...
2010-01-24 leobuntuFixing a bug in Magellan
2010-01-24 leobuntuFixing a build error
2010-01-24 leobuntuUpdating some sources
2010-01-24 leobuntuUpdating some sources
2010-01-19 leobuntuFixing a bug in the panel
2010-01-10 leobuntui had forgotten a file... ><
2010-01-10 leobuntuAdding the new classes
2010-01-06 leobuntuTwo bugs fixed : windos doesn't cover panel anymore...
2010-01-06 leobuntuLImageButton now supports a picture for the 'pressed...
2010-01-05 leobuntuNew theme management using pictures. Amelioration of...
2010-01-05 leobuntuTheme management for the panel and DesktoQ's navigation bar
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