Remove some superflous cast and arrays
[llvm-vapi:llvm-vapi.git] / llvm-custom.vala
2010-04-08 Marc-André LureauRemove some superflous cast and arrays
2010-03-28 Marc-André LureauSome update on array inner type and prop ccode attibutes
2010-01-06 Marc-André Lureaumake unowned -> pointers
2010-01-06 Marc-André Lureauparams() are not for BasicBlock
2010-01-02 Marc-Andre LureaubuildInst return value is unowned
2009-12-29 Marc-Andre Lureaufix a few Type usage
2009-12-28 Marc-André Lureauconst are unowned
2009-12-27 Marc-André Lureauadd lto binding
2009-12-27 Marc-André Lureaufix includes
2009-12-27 Marc-André Lureauend of Core and Target
2009-12-26 Marc-André Lureauchristmas updates
2009-12-05 Marc-André LureauNow evaluates fac()
2009-12-01 Marc-André Lureaumore work
2009-11-30 Marc-André Lureausome more work done on the plane
2009-11-27 Marc-André Lureaurename Type to Ty and misc
2009-11-26 Marc-André Lureaumore work on value
2009-11-26 Marc-André Lureauadd type and module
2009-11-25 Marc-André Lureausimplify enums
2009-11-25 Marc-André Lureauupdate, and now builds something