last changeSun, 19 Apr 2009 06:40:30 +0000 (06:40 +0000)
2009-04-19 baldrickNow that BUILD_VECTOR operands are allowed to be doe_mainline1 doe_milestone1 master
2009-04-19 baldrickRemove the SimpleTy enumerated type field from the MVT
2009-04-19 foldrAdd some assertions.
2009-04-18 voidRevert 69474 and 69475. They are causing failures durin...
2009-04-18 foldrReconfigure.
2009-04-18 foldrAdd a configure check for llvm-gcc (reapply).
2009-04-18 lattnertestcase for PR3898
2009-04-18 lattnerFix PR3898, which manifests as failures on are an Xcore,
2009-04-18 baldrickDon't try to make BUILD_VECTOR operands have the same
2009-04-18 nicholasGeneralize to support more ARM types.
2009-04-18 djgAdd a ScalarEvolution::getCouldNotCompute() function...
2009-04-18 djgMore const qualifiers.
2009-04-18 djgUse more const qualifiers with SCEV interfaces.
2009-04-18 nicholasRegenerate.
2009-04-18 nicholasDetect beagleboard as ARM. The $target is "armv7l".
2009-04-18 baldrickMake it clearer that llvm-gcc is not needed for
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