last changeFri, 25 Jun 2010 21:38:44 +0000 (23:38 +0200)
2010-06-25 HUSSON Pierre... You know what I usually say .. ? Android's stupid ! master
2010-06-25 HUSSON Pierre... Froyo is as good as an Éclair
2010-06-25 HUSSON Pierre... Correct right number of supported sensors for !ECLAIR
2010-03-11 Bryan StineUse BUILD_ID to detect eclair and build for it
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Add ability to build for android donut
2010-02-03 MarkinusRemoved unused bma150 stuff
2010-01-31 MarkusFix bma150
2010-01-21 HUSSON Pierre... Add (dirty) bma150 support
2010-01-06 HUSSON Pierre... Fix g-sensors, bug was random reads
2010-01-02 HUSSON Pierre... Fix SEGV, and gsensor_axis (I hope.)
2009-12-22 HUSSON Pierre... Add proximity and light sensor (not tested yet)
2009-12-21 HUSSON Pierre... Oops, forgot to remove old code
2009-12-21 HUSSON Pierre... Add a cmdline option to change axis: gsensor_axis=x...
2009-11-14 HUSSON Pierre... Blackstone is upside down.
2009-11-12 HUSSON Pierre... Use event's phys value, to work unmodified on blackstone
2009-11-09 HUSSON Pierre... Initial commit
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