last changeFri, 30 Sep 2011 10:09:51 +0000 (06:09 -0400)
2011-09-30 ACLchange light sensor sensitivity. htc-msm-2.6.27
2011-09-30 ACLexperiment with boot reason address. LK does not seem...
2011-09-30 ACLcomment out mdc clk for now. need to work on camera.
2011-09-26 ACLremove unused code. This will never be shared with...
2011-09-23 ACLremove useless references to microp-klt.
2011-09-22 ACLremove old microp-bma and replace with new bma driver...
2011-09-22 ACLadd ioctl friendly bma driver.
2011-09-22 ACLdisable framebuffer console and enable twofish enc...
2011-09-19 ACLCorrections for proximity sensor. Tested and working...
2011-09-14 ACLreplace old prox sensor driver and enable in board...
2011-09-14 ACLadd capella cm3602 prox driver
2011-09-14 ACLupdate gpio list for prox and tvout.
2011-09-14 ACLClean up defconfig.
2011-09-07 ACLremove all old pre-dma callback code from fb.
2011-08-30 ACLallow gb to use ictl to enable LS. This will enable...
2011-08-30 ACLandroid init needs the correct name.
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