last changeThu, 26 Aug 2010 22:26:39 +0000 (00:26 +0200)
2010-08-26 HUSSON Pierre... Add workaround not to have rhod's speaker always on... htc-msm-2.6.27
2010-08-26 ACLEnable sound on the Rhodium
2010-08-22 HUSSON Pierre... Oops.... s/usleep/udelay/g
2010-08-22 HUSSON Pierre... Enable the udelay(50) back for precess spi table
2010-08-22 Oliver WeltherReduce Blackstone panel init time (please report if...
2010-08-19 OliverFix jumping issue for blackstone touchscreen
2010-08-18 OliverAdded support for long key presses in blackstone_pad
2010-08-18 HUSSON Pierre... Try to do a real poweroff, with vreg msmp
2010-08-18 HUSSON Pierre... Add TUN/TAP module
2010-08-18 HUSSON Pierre... Add Kovsky's keyboard backlight
2010-08-17 Oliver WeltherBlackstone now uses TSSC dirver, added support for...
2010-08-17 HUSSON Pierre... Delete gp_clk from panels. It seems useless for us...
2010-08-02 mweirauch* topa: faster panel init over mddi + cleanup
2010-08-02 mweirauch* add novatec mddi client
2010-07-31 HUSSON Pierre... Add framebuffer console rotation for kovsky
2010-07-31 HUSSON Pierre... Fix kovsky's layout from earlier pmem changes
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