last changeMon, 12 Jul 2010 04:26:16 +0000 (14:26 +1000)
2010-07-12 Mathew McBrideChange machine name to "Venus (SE Xperia X1/HTC Kovsky... htc-msm-2.6.27
2010-07-09 Mathew McBrideMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of git://
2010-07-09 Mathew McBrideAdd sysfs attribute and event for keypad sliding. Used...
2010-07-09 Mathew McBrideHack: Force battery to always be 'present'
2010-07-09 Mathew McBrideIncrease RAM size, thanks to phhusson for the fix
2010-07-04 drluckyMerge commit 'upstream/htc-msm-2.6.27' into htc-msm...
2010-07-02 HUSSON Pierre... Add LED flash support for raphal100 (/sys/class/htc_hw...
2010-06-14 HUSSON Pierre... Disactivate usb ether by default, so that all adb are...
2010-06-14 HUSSON Pierre... s/KOVSKY/VENUS/g
2010-06-06 makkonenBring RAPH500 up to date
2010-05-29 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-05-29 bzoadd force_turbo acpuclock parameter to set clocks to...
2010-05-21 captnoordraph navi,
2010-05-19 HUSSON Pierre... Update mach-types.
2010-05-18 HUSSON Pierre... merge
2010-05-18 Christof RaatzAdd Kovsky microp ID (seems to be really different...
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