2010-02-15 stachiMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of htc-msm-2.6.27
2010-02-15 stachiEnable NAND driver
2010-02-14 MarkinusAdd prototype for ADIE switching
2010-02-14 MarkinusCorrected 6120 parameter
2010-02-14 MarkinusEnabled Topaz's color led
2010-02-14 stachiMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-14 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-14 MarkinusFixed Eclair on Topaz
2010-02-14 roottell android that kovsky support keyboard slider
2010-02-13 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-13 HUSSON Pierre... Add board-htcraphael-navi.alt_keymap option to alter...
2010-02-12 stachiEnabled tssc_manager touchscreen driver from hero sourc...
2010-02-12 stachiFixed charging on Kovsky
2010-02-12 stachiMerge commit 'merge/htc-msm-2.6.27' into htc-msm-2...
2010-02-12 stachiDisable bcm4329 driver
2010-02-12 stachiSome cleanups
2010-02-12 stachiEnable second memory bank for Kovsky
2010-02-12 Brendan Shanks(makkonen) Improve battery capacity estimation for...
2010-02-11 stachiFixed wrong include in board-htckovsky.c
2010-02-11 stachiForgot smd_rpcrouter.h while merging
2010-02-11 freetzMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-11 Brendan Shanksraph800: change KEY_FN to KEY_LEFTALT
2010-02-09 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-09 MarkinusDisabled the HW3D drivers for Top/Rhod instead of disab...
2010-02-09 MarkinusOops this was to fast. Now is the switch working here. .
2010-02-08 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-08 captnoordAdd micropklt id for raph300
2010-02-08 MarkinusDisabled HW3D for Topaz/Rhod (it doesn't work)
2010-02-08 MarkinusFixed Donut/Eclair switch
2010-02-07 HUSSON Pierre... Ooops, delete debug messages
2010-02-07 HUSSON Pierre... Readd the ability to blit from hw3d
2010-02-07 Brendan ShanksMake donut/eclair hw3d a config choice
2010-02-06 HUSSON Pierre... (Re?)add gpu1 for 256EBI boards
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... colored leds are on cmd id 0x50 not 0x51
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Revert "Use newer hw3d driver (breaks 3D in android...
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Revert newer hw3d driver (1st step)
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Add debugfs access to one of topaz/rhod's color led
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-05 HUSSON Pierre... Rhodium uses the same clamshell report as kovsky
2010-02-04 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-04 MarkinusBCM wlan driver has to be loaded as module
2010-02-04 MarkinusCorrections for loading the wlan driver as module
2010-02-04 Brendan ShanksUse workqueues for smd_tty
2010-02-03 HUSSON Pierre... Enable second memory bank for everyone (but GSM diam.)
2010-02-03 HUSSON Pierre... LowMemoryKiller userland expects data in kB, while...
2010-02-03 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-03 MarkinusAdd Pure's microp version for gsensor
2010-02-03 MarkinusAdded Rhod version
2010-02-03 MarkinusBMA150 is from Bosch . .
2010-02-03 Brendan ShanksAlso enable vbus for CHARGER_AC
2010-02-03 Brendan ShanksAdd extra bank support to board-htcdiamond
2010-02-03 MarkinusRemoved test export
2010-02-02 MarkinusDeactivate the old driver olny if the new one is activated
2010-02-02 MarkinusSome cleanups
2010-02-02 Brendan ShanksUse separate workqueue for tty
2010-02-02 Brendan ShanksMerge remote branch 'origin' into htc-msm-2.6.27
2010-02-02 Brendan ShanksDefine early_pfn_valid to pfn_valid
2010-02-02 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-02 HUSSON Pierre... Fix htc_battery_smem build
2010-02-02 HUSSON Pierre... Make clock debug messages optional
2010-02-02 HUSSON Pierre... Make BATT infos optional (htc_battery_smem.debug_mask...
2010-02-02 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-02 MarkinusTopaz don't have a hardware keyboard
2010-02-02 MarkinusRewriten the bma150 driver to a input driver
2010-02-02 Russell KingARM: Fix pfn_valid() for sparse memory
2010-02-02 Mel GormanDouble check memmap is actually valid with a memmap...
2010-02-02 makkonenTweaked tssc calibrate constants
2010-02-01 Dima Zavinmsm: smd: Force the half_channel struct aligmnent to 4
2010-02-01 HUSSON Pierre... Enable tssc_manager
2010-02-01 HUSSON Pierre... Merge
2010-02-01 HUSSON Pierre... Use tssc_manager for all boards but blackstone
2010-02-01 MarkinusChanged Rhod power keys ACTIVE_LOW description
2010-02-01 MarkinusMerge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-02-01 MarkinusAdd some Rhodium changes
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Add sleep_effects dbgfs file
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Don't overwrite LED effects
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Put vbus detection at the correct place for userland...
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Add yaffs2 as module
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Add microp GPI command access through debugfs
2010-01-31 HUSSON Pierre... Ok, don't give a structure from the stack to register_e...
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Oops, bad copy paste
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Clean a bit micropklt and add a effects dbgfs entry...
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Move early suspend for ARM9 slow clock to late initcall
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Delete some options in defconfig.
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Send ARM9 slow clock in early suspend.
2010-01-30 HUSSON Pierre... Update DEX call list according to wiki
2010-01-29 makkonenFixed RAPH800 U key mapping
2010-01-27 makkonenAdded tssc_manager touchscreen driver from hero source
2010-01-27 Brendan Shankssmd: make *open volatile
2010-01-27 Brendan ShanksUse 0c01 as USB product id
2010-01-27 Brendan ShanksMark smd buffers as volatile
2010-01-25 HUSSON Pierre... Set charging speed to FAST at startup. Can still be...
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Ok, don't disactivate rhod's panel, only its power...
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Stop flooding with get_img messages
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Add ability to blit to/from hw3d too
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Make nand driver be more quiet
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Better vbus detection
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Merge branch 'htc-msm-2.6.27' of
2010-01-23 HUSSON Pierre... Rhodium hasn't the same panel as topaz