last changeSat, 7 Apr 2012 11:24:44 +0000 (13:24 +0200)
2012-04-07 DomenicoSwitched back to -O2 to avoid problems with wifi.. htc-msm-2.6.27
2012-04-07 DomenicoUpdated Acoustic code from linux-msm
2012-04-07 DomenicoFixed layout and added config option to overclock insan...
2012-04-07 DomenicoRemoved from config Blackra1n's insane overclock,this...
2012-03-31 DomenicoMade the frame warning a bit higher so it won't whine...
2012-03-31 DomenicoFigured that BCM4329 wasn't built and added it back
2012-03-25 DomenicoBringing back Audio Stuttering hack
2012-03-25 DomenicoGit fail,committing again
2012-03-25 DomenicoEnable Blackra1n's insane overclock :)
2012-02-08 DomenicoNow it isn't anymore dirty,are you happy arrrghhh?
2012-01-26 DomenicoFurther fixing the Audio Stuttering patch
2012-01-25 Domenicospeaker_is_powered is initialized to 0 to avoid errors
2012-01-25 DomenicoRe enabled kexec and added credits to JB in the audio...
2012-01-25 DomenicoFix the patch,thanks to detule
2012-01-25 DomenicoUNTESTED:Diamond and Blackstone Audio Stuttering fix
2012-01-15 DomenicoMake flashlight device specific..
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