last changeSun, 4 Mar 2012 20:52:11 +0000 (00:52 +0400)
2012-03-04 Alexander TarasikovReport zero pressure on msm ts release. Hopefully fixex ICS android-2.6.35
2011-11-20 Alexander TarasikovSome hacks on mt9t012vc driver. Still no AF
2011-11-20 Alexander TarasikovTry to work around microp keypad dying after suspend
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovModify camera ioctl enum for dream library
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd a magic constant to ds2746 battery to compensate...
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd flashlight support for Kovsky
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovIncrease sleep delay in ds2746 battery polling
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovUpdate charger block routine for Kovsky
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd charge block callback to HTC Kovsky
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd charge inhibit callback to ds2746
2011-11-13 Alexander TarasikovAdd jpeg/pmem qdsp5 fixes from htc-linux tree
2011-11-11 Alexander TarasikovDisable wl1251 debugging
2011-11-11 Alexander TarasikovDisable pm debugging
2011-11-11 Alexander TarasikovHopefully fix wifi suspend issues. Will need testing...
2011-11-09 Alexander TarasikovFix in-call sound volume
2011-11-06 Alexander TarasikovReset Kovsky Optical Joystick to make it work on cold...
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