last changeMon, 17 Oct 2011 05:48:40 +0000 (01:48 -0400)
2011-10-17 ACLDisable Old prox driver and enable new cm3602 drive... htc-msm-2.6.27
2011-10-17 ACLadd cm3602 proximity driver
2011-10-17 ACLUpdate gpio list (add proximity related gpio)
2011-09-30 mweirauchraph: navi: make sure to keep action led value during...
2011-09-30 mweirauchmicrop-klt: raph dbg effect extended for solid action led
2011-09-30 Oliver (Detule)RAPH: Enabling trackball hooks final
2011-09-30 mweirauchmicrop-keypad: fix raphael gpio clamshell detection...
2011-09-14 ACLremove unused code.
2011-08-19 mweirauchmicrop-klt: drop topa button backlight "debugging"
2011-08-19 rootmicrop-klt: Amber/Green LEDs with appropriate brightnes...
2011-08-09 ACLrhod: don't register htc_headset_microp for non RHODW
2011-08-09 ACLhtc_headset_microp: don't reset microP GPIO on probe
2011-08-05 Howard ChuRevert smd_tty patch to jonpry's original version
2011-07-27 WisTilt2Fix occasional no audio when in-call
2011-07-18 mweirauchmicrop-klt: don't call ksc hooks without at least a...
2011-07-18 mweirauchmicrop-ksc: harden against unitialized usage
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