last changeMon, 12 Nov 2012 11:52:59 +0000 (13:52 +0200)
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: APPLY: Remove unnecessary call to mg_clear_sha... master
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: APPLY: Remove unnecessary variable in dss_appl...
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: APPLY: Don't treat an overlay's channel out...
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: DISPC: Use output width and height to calculat...
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: DISPC: Don't allow predecimation for writeback
2012-11-12 Archit TanejaOMAPDSS: DISPC: Fix calc_scaling_44xx() bugs for writeb...
2012-11-07 Tomi ValkeinenOMAPDSS: HACK: look for regulators with omap4 names
2012-11-07 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Remove __exit macro from hdmi_uninit_display
2012-11-07 Tomi ValkeinenOMAPDSS: DISPC: fix sparse warning
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Create platform device for audio support
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Add op to get audio DMA port address...
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Uninit display on device add error
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Handle panel init error at probe
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Make panel return dssdev register errors
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Convert to devm_request_and_ioremap
2012-11-06 Ricardo NeriOMAPDSS: HDMI: Rename resource variable at probe.
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