2015-03-03 Marc Kleine... isotp: fix printf warning on 32 bit systems master
2015-02-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotpperf: print link layer data length of measured PDU
2015-02-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotpperf: display bitrate setting status in summary
2015-02-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotpperf: fix printed FC STMin value
2015-02-04 Oliver Hartkoppcan-utils: added isotpperf tool for performance measure...
2014-12-23 Jeremiah Mahleruse line discipline number from linux/tty.h
2014-12-23 Jeremiah Mahlerslcand: consistent use of exit(EXIT_FAILURE)
2014-12-23 Jeremiah Mahlerslcand: remove #define EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS
2014-12-23 Jeremiah Mahlerslcand: improve usage examples
2014-12-18 Andri Yngvasonlib: Update error messages according to new state chang...
2014-11-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotp[server|tun]: update padding and CAN FD features
2014-11-20 Oliver Hartkoppisotp[send|recv]: change command line option for paddin...
2014-11-19 Oliver Hartkoppisotp[send|recv]: change command line option for extend...
2014-11-16 Oliver Hartkoppisotp: add tool support for ISO 15765-2:2015 with CAN FD
2014-11-16 Oliver Hartkoppisotpdump: add support for FF_DL escape sequence for...
2014-11-16 Oliver Hartkoppisotp: added support for separate extended address...
2014-10-24 Oliver Hartkoppisotpsend: add option to automatically create test...
2014-10-24 Oliver Hartkoppisotp[send|recv]: support PDU sizes greater than 4095
2014-10-23 Urs Thuermanncandump: fix off-by-one error in dropcount calculation
2014-10-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotp: fix copy paste error for isotp padding config
2014-07-08 Alexander SteinAdd missing header canframelen.h to noinst_HEADERS
2014-07-02 Andre Naujoksdo not use --symlink for autoreconf
2014-06-24 Marc Kleine... cansniffer: increase resolution for timeout values
2014-05-24 Oliver Hartkoppcandump: use UINT32_MAX define from stdint.h
2014-05-05 Oliver Hartkopplib: optimize sprint_[long_]canframe()
2014-05-05 Oliver Hartkoppcandump: reduce printf calls for logfile format
2014-02-27 Wolfgang Grandeggercan-calc-bit-timing: add a proper GNU license agreement
2014-02-26 Marc Kleine... configure: add checks for large file support (LFS)
2014-02-26 Oliver HartkoppMakefile: add large file support (LFS)
2014-02-26 Marc Kleine... Makefile: move cpp related flags from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
2014-02-01 Oliver Hartkoppcanbusload: print bitstuffing mode when showing current...
2014-01-31 Yegor Yefremovslcand: include <sys/socket.h>
2014-01-31 Marc Kleine... canbusload: fix compilation, make use of...
2014-01-31 Michal SojkaAdd license to canframelen.h
2014-01-30 Michal Sojkacanbusload: Fix worst-case frame length estimation
2014-01-30 Michal Sojkacanbusload: Add exact CAN frame length calculation...
2014-01-23 Uwe Kleine... trivial: fix typo concerning "bandwidth"
2014-01-23 Oliver Hartkoppisotp: fix path mentioned in file
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include: import copyright information from the kernel
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include: gw.h: update comment
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include: can.h: add typedef for __kernel_sa_family_t...
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include: can.h: remove unused include of version.h
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include: fix paths mentioned in files
2014-01-23 Uwe Kleine... include: Move all includes from include/socketcan to...
2014-01-23 Marc Kleine... include/socketcan: prepare headers to be moved to inclu...
2014-01-23 Uwe Kleine... isotp.h: add explicit license information
2014-01-23 Uwe Kleine... ioctl.h: drop unused header
2014-01-23 Uwe Kleine... include: Remove two unused header files
2014-01-23 Yegor Yefremovslcand: accept both tty* and /dev/tty* device names
2014-01-16 Marc Kleine... remove executable bit
2014-01-16 Yegor Yefremovslcand: reimplement daemonize routine
2014-01-16 Yegor Yefremovslcand: add flow control option
2014-01-16 Yegor Yefremovslcanpty: declare command buffer static
2014-01-06 Brennan Ashtoncan-calc-bit-timing: fix MCP251x bit rate calculation
2013-11-28 Oliver Hartkoppasc2log: inform about uninstalled locales at date conve...
2013-09-16 Oliver Hartkoppslcand: silence warning about set but unused variable
2013-09-15 Oliver Hartkoppslcand: fix whitespace issues and unify coding style
2013-09-15 Oliver Hartkoppslcand: add slcan_attach and UART settings
2013-09-04 Oliver Hartkoppcangw: add an option for the per rule limitation of...
2013-08-18 Uwe Kleine... can-utils: Don't overwrite PREFIX and DESTDIR when...
2013-08-17 Uwe Kleine... cansniffer: fix file name in header
2013-08-15 Uwe Kleine... can-utils: trivial: fix typos concerning "separation...
2013-07-10 Yegor Yefremovcan-utils: AOSP build clean up
2013-06-11 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: probe stdin capabilities at startup
2013-06-11 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: fix pty terminal flags for correct NL/CR...
2013-06-08 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: handle incomplete messages from pty correctly
2013-06-07 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: detect that master PTY descriptor closed
2013-02-18 Yegor Yefremovcan-utils: AOSP build improvements
2013-02-15 Oliver Hartkopplib: fix typo: exended -> extended
2013-02-15 Oliver Hartkopplib: add support for non-zero dlc values in CAN 2.0B...
2013-02-12 Alexander Steincandump: Add timeout option if no message has been...
2013-02-07 Konrad Antoncangen: use long long in time computation for -g to...
2013-02-04 Yegor Yefremovslcand: fix build warnings
2013-02-01 Yegor Yefremovcan-utils: fix local header path for AOSP build
2013-01-29 Oliver Hartkoppcangw: fix inverse filter display when printing the...
2013-01-29 Oliver Hartkoppcangw: support new can-gw features for Linux 3.9+
2012-12-20 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: Add support for the Unix 98 pseudo-terminal...
2012-11-26 Marc Kleine... can-calc-bit-timing: add support for ti_hecc
2012-11-26 Marc Kleine... can-calc-bit-timing: add 66.66 MHz mscan refclock
2012-11-26 Marc Kleine... can-calc-bit-timing: add 24 and 66 MHz flexcan ref...
2012-11-26 Marc Kleine... configure: enable silent rules if available
2012-11-26 Marc Kleine... configure: adjust bug report address
2012-11-26 Oliver Hartkoppslcanpty: fix wrong usage of nbytes variable
2012-11-24 Oliver Hartkoppcandump: unify displayed timestamp length to 10 digits
2012-11-14 Oliver Hartkoppremove obsolete SVN ID tags
2012-11-14 Oliver Hartkoppremoved unused variable warnings by removing the variables
2012-11-14 Oliver Hartkoppcangw: add semantic check for checksum options
2012-11-14 Oliver Hartkoppcandump: new option to print extra message information
2012-11-14 Oliver HartkoppAdd new format option when mixing EFF/SFF frame output
2012-11-14 Oliver Hartkoppcanfd: upgrade tools to support CAN FD for Linux 3.6
2012-11-14 Oliver HartkoppUpdate includes to Linux 3.6 with CAN FD support.
2012-07-22 Oliver Hartkoppcangen: Enable sending of RTR CAN frames
2012-07-13 Oliver Hartkoppcangen: allow double value for gap
2012-04-19 Yegor YefremovSigned-off-by: Yegor Yefremov <yegorslists@googlemail...
2012-03-20 Yegor Yefremovcan-utils: add Makefile for Android build system
2012-03-20 Yegor Yefremovcan-utils: cleanup headers
2012-03-08 Oliver Hartkoppadapt column width format for high busload values
2012-01-28 Oliver Hartkoppcangen: set unused payload to zero
2012-01-11 Marc Kleine... treewide: replace berlios contact email by linux-can...
2012-01-11 Marc Kleine... gitignore: added tarballs