last changeMon, 28 May 2012 10:39:34 +0000 (11:39 +0100)
2012-05-28 Joe BurmeisterMerge branch 'linaro_android_4.0.3' of git://android... default
2012-05-14 Mathieu J.... snowball: moving from uboot-ux500 to u-boot-linaro...
2012-05-11 Joe BurmeisterMerge branch 'linaro_android_4.0.3' of git://android... linaro_android_4.0.3
2012-05-07 Mathieu J.... snowball: correcting branch name for kernel 3.3-1
2012-05-04 Mathieu J.... snowball: moving to kernel 3.3.1
2012-04-18 Mathieu J.... snowball: mm: taking mm build live
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterUpdate other manifests to standard remote format.
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterRestructure format in-place lima manifest entries to...
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterBugfix to lima insertion into manifest.
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterDefault.xml based on pinned-manifest.xml used by snowba...
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterUpdate to correct repo location (for now).
2012-04-17 Joe BurmeisterChanges required for building Lima in place.
2012-04-03 Vishal Bhojmanifests: staging-vexpress-rtsm: switch boowtrapper...
2012-03-28 Amit Pundiruse linaro branch of core tests
2012-03-26 Vishal Bhojmanifests:vexpress-rtsm: siwtch to semi-hosting bootwrapper
2012-03-26 Amit Pundiradd biglittle core tests
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6 years ago linaro_android_4.0.3