last changeThu, 28 Jan 2010 17:19:42 +0000 (17:19 +0000)
2010-01-28 korchasa-- fixed objects re-decorating in lmbSession git-svn master
2010-01-28 korchasa-- fixed paths to files in imagekit package
2010-01-28 korchasa-- fixed bug with inheritance and a combination of...
2010-01-27 korchasa-- if, elseif and else tags was cleaned up (aliases...
2010-01-27 korchasa-- lmbMysqliStatement merged with lmbMysqlStatement
2010-01-26 korchasa-- LIMB_VAR_DIR replaced by lmb_var_dir() call
2010-01-26 korchasa-- fixed default log dsn
2010-01-26 korchasa-- assign tag for MACRO
2010-01-26 korchasa-- fixed wrong class name
2010-01-26 korchasa-- if, elseif and else tags for MACRO
2010-01-26 korchasa-- phpDocs for lmbBaseMacroTest
2010-01-23 korchasa-- zfsearch package moved to incubator
2010-01-23 korchasa-- removed uselless test
2010-01-23 korchasa-- added skip for the 'cache' package tests
2010-01-23 korchasa-- fixed E_STRICT errors in simpletest
2010-01-23 korchasa-- fixed var_dir
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