-- improved support in params in the route
[limb:trunk.git] / web_app / tests / cases / plain / request / lmbRoutesDispatchTest.class.php
2010-01-22 korchasa-- improved support in params in the route
2010-01-15 korchasa-- added support for ":" as the end of the route variable
2009-01-26 pachanga-- changing year in a header
2008-08-20 conf-- added parsing urlencoded params in lmbRoutes::dispatch()
2008-07-08 pachanga-- fixing tests and some other minor improvements
2007-08-28 pachanga-- replacing \r\n with \n
2007-08-07 pachanga-- removing trailing ?> for PHP modules
2007-06-05 pachanga-- "Oops, I did it again" :) Changing header once again...
2007-06-04 pachanga-- changing header: making the name more clear and...
2007-03-28 pachanga-- using new lmb_ prefixed global functions
2007-02-08 pachanga-- fixing @package
2007-02-07 pachanga-- fixing source files header
2007-02-07 pachanga-- changing source files header
2007-02-06 serega-- limb/web_app/tests/cases/db_related -> limb/web_app...