-- LIMB_VAR_DIR replaced by lmb_var_dir() call
[limb:trunk.git] / macro / tests / cases / lmbBaseMacroTest.class.php
2010-01-26 korchasa-- LIMB_VAR_DIR replaced by lmb_var_dir() call
2010-01-26 korchasa-- phpDocs for lmbBaseMacroTest
2009-03-23 pachanga-- making lmbViewTools::getMacroConfig() more simple
2009-03-22 pachanga-- behind the scene config behavior is incapsulated...
2009-01-26 pachanga-- changing year in a header
2008-02-07 korchasa -- full directory structure clean in setUp
2008-02-06 korchasa-- lmbMacroTemplateLocatorSimple added
2008-01-31 serega-- fixes MACRO package test: now config also scans...
2008-01-29 serega-- new {{repeat time='$var'}} tag
2008-01-29 korchasa -- replace lmbActiveRecord with array
2007-12-03 serega-- all compiler stuff moved to /compiler folder
2007-10-05 serega-- MACRO changes: